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There is an energy associated with change. New "things" can bring about excitement or trepidation of what is to come. Our experts share thoughts and tips about embracing change, the newness and wonder of opportunity; and they also share their ideas of what YOU CAN DO in your own space.

" Feng Shui is a powerful tool for recognizing completions and bringing about new beginnings. It also helps you let go of the baggage of your past. "
Commencement: New Beginnings
by Nicolette Vajtay

Commencement … it means “a beginning; a start.” I love that we call graduation commencement. Of course it’s not an ending as these now graduated students start a new phase in life. Along with bursting buds on trees and dancing flowers, graduations are being celebrated at universities everywhere; one more acknowledgment that spring is filled with new beginnings.

In Feng Shui, the season of Spring is represented by the FAMILY gua in the ba-gua. Standing in your front door facing into the home, that is the middle left area of the home. The element is wood, the color for wood is green and the element that feeds wood is water! The Family gua also represents the East, where new days are born every 24 hours.

Hoping to start something new? A new career? A new relationship? Writing a new book or blog? Adjust the energy in your Family gua by placing a specific cure of what you want to manifest in your life. If you’re writing a book, or have a description of the dream job, set your intention, pray on the cure and display it proudly in the Family area of the home! Maybe you frame the title of your new book and hang it here. Or frame the job description so you may read it everyday to inspire your search.

What can I do in my space?

Growth and new beginnings are often represented in the East or Family section of the Feng Shui bagua. The middle left quadrant of your home or office represents Health, Family and New Beginnings. Find out more about the Feng Shui bagua.
From Michele Duffy...
"Since moving water creates wood, the Family/New Beginnings area is excellent for a water feature. As long as that area is not a bedroom, a nice sounding upward directional indoor water fountain will get things moving nicely. Paint that area a soft but happy color of green to activate the wood element of spring, or place three images of a sunrise, a forest or bamboo in wooden frames on the wall. Minimize the metal in this location, since metal is not a friend of wood and you do not want the vibrant upward growth and new beginnings of the spring season to be cut short. 

"Activating this area can help you build a stronger foundation to help you meet life's challenges with more confidence and less stress, improve family relationships, enhance your business and increase income."

From Maureen Calamia...
"The East or Family area is ruled by Wood energy – as represented by the sprouting of those new seedlings. This is a great place to install live, healthy plants.

"Other ways to add Wood energy is through the use of color (green and blues), tall vertical shapes (as in a book case or vertical stripes), wood furnishings, images of forested landscapes, and addition of bamboo or cork or any other by-product of trees.

"Get Inspired! This is a great place to focus on new projects. Perhaps you want to start something new in your business, or an interest or a new relationship. Spend some time in the East contemplating your plans and then put them into action! This area of the Bagua is all about Action!"

"Live blooming flowers represent rebirth, new growth, new beginnings. Fortunate plants include plum blossoms, bamboo, evergreen pine, pussy willow, peony, and azalea."

Pinterest "Pin"spiration
New Beginnings

"And suddenly, you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do in Feng Shui and in life, is to make that first step. That baby step of change. Leave behind that which is not serving you and open your hands to the world that is waiting. Without letting go, there is no free hand to grab hold of the big, new, wonderful. (Save this image)

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