Sharon Turner
Garden Urn
22" x 28"
Sharon Turner
Pawleys Island, SC
Sharon, a native of Georgetown, grew up loving the outdoor and all the colors and beauty one associates with a Southern landscape. Sharon uses her love of nature as resource for her paintings. Primarily a watercolor artist, her study of drawing, painting and art history is a joyful daily routine. She has studied painting with several well know teachers and has received numerous awards for her work. 

Many of Sharon's paintings are created from a healthy dose of imagination anther work continues to evolve into a more impressionistic style she has studied and always admired. Using color, composition and brush stroke, Sharon's work has been described as fresh and full of emotion. One judge commented, "You take us into your world, and that is what are should do. Keep it up."
"Painting is, for me, a channel for creative energy and a vehicle for emotional expression. Learning is my passion; so, artistic expression through study of drawing skills, color theory, and painting techniques offer a plethora of opportunity for me to learn, create and grow." 
- Sharon Turner