June 16, 2021
Expert Witness for Hurricane Victim
Hurricane Matthew’s path of destruction in October 2016 severely damaged a North Carolina textile manufacturer’s facilities. The force of the hurricane ripped off a large portion of its roof, allowing water to intrude and destroy machinery, equipment and inventory. Flooding left the building submerged in water for several days. 

The company had business interruption insurance with coverage for natural disasters.
The company’s insurer failed
to provide timely, complete reimbursements.  
“Brandlin & Associates earned 5-stars as experts in compiling and pursuing our business interruption claims with our insurer. Jeff and his team were masterful in multiple intense negotiations and they were incredible at updating data on the fly to support changing strategies. Thanks to Brandlin, we reached a favorable resolution of the disputed claims.”
- Company CEO
Business Turnaround ... Interrupted
The decades-old textile company started experiencing financial distress a year prior to the hurricane, primarily due to offshore competition. Local restructuring experts recapitalized the company and commenced a turnaround in early 2016, saving jobs essential to the local community’s economy. 

The company was rebounding with upward-trending KPIs prior to the hurricane.

Post-hurricane, management quickly put a plan in place and filed insurance claims. However, the insurer’s continual delays in processing and funding the claims forced the company to raise private capital and compromised the turnaround plan.

Nearly a year after the hurricane, the insurer had only made partial payments on certain claims and $0 on others, and the replacement roof remained incomplete. Ultimately, the company could not fulfill orders and lost its largest clients.

Its owners’ only option was to close the plant, resulting in 150 lost jobs.

From $0 to Favorable Resolution
Hurricane Sign
The company decided to pursue a $3.2MM Business Interruption claim and $2.2MM Extended Business Interruption claim against its insurer and engaged Brandlin & Associates to file and negotiate the claims on its behalf.

The insurer rejected the claims, purportedly because the company was not profitable at the time of the hurricane, and would not negotiate amicably, so litigation ensued. 

The matter settled favorably for our client just before its trial date.
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