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November 2013


Thank you for support of TDI during the 72nd Annual Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama.  Your attendance and contributions afforded us the opportunity of providing a four year scholarship to a freshman from Uniontown, Alabama.  D. Ellis has a vision of becoming a CEO of an international business, an entrepreneur, and health care advocate for young people.  Starting in January, TDI will give him $500 a semester during his freshman and sophomore year, and then increase that amount to $1000 per semester his final two years as long as he maintains a 2.8 GPA and meet all requirements of the mentorship program.  If you did not have a chance to give or made a pledge during our fundraiser, we will provide you with the various easy ways to contribute below.  Again, thank you for your prayers, support, and contributions.  Learn More

The Media is helping to spread the word about TDI

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Ways You Can Give

Our short term goals are to provide 
  • Payout a minimum of $25,000 in scholarships per year by 2020.
  • Mentor at least 100 students by 2020.
You can give by:
  • Secure Giving Online (click here) 
  • Mail check payable to TDI, Turning Dreams into Realities to: 
    • PO Box 270933
    • Flower Mound, TX. 75027-0933
  • Contact TDI at (713) 344-044 to make a debit/credit card payment through our secure TDI square account.

Spread the Word and In-Kind Donations

Maybe you can't make a financial contribution.  You can still support our vision by spreading the word about our organization through your social media channels.  Tag us in tweets, posts, and pictures using our handles @turningdreams on twitter or on Facebook. Or you can donate in-kind donations such as promotional items like pens, bags, water bottles, etc with your company logo on them that we can use as give-ways at our professional development seminars that we hold on the campus of Alabama State University. Your support matters!!!

Turning Dreams Into Realities, TDI
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TDI is dedicated to assisting people turn their dreams into reality by providing scholarships, mentoring, and professional development.  Through our story and brand, we will help by developing or enhancing leadership qualities, equipping people with tools for professional growth, or coaching habits for success.


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