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August 12, 2013...If you can dream it...we can help make it happen is the motto for a group of African American alumnus from Alabama State University who are planning to present a workshop entitled "D.R.E.A.M.S.: The unwritten guidelines for success in college." This seminar is part of a partnership formed with Alabama State's S.O.S. organization and will be offered during Freshman Orientation Week scheduled for August 15th at 7pm on the campus of Alabama State University. These men represent T.D. I., Turning Dreams Into Realities which is a 501c3 tax exempt organization founded by Alabama State University alumni from the states of Texas and Alabama that are dedicated to assisting high school or college students with making a successful transition into adulthood, higher education or the professional workforce by way of mentor programs, scholarships, and professional development.


This workshop in conjunction with Alabama State University S.O.S. organization is the second of its kind with the university aimed at inspiring young professionals to dream big and obtain the support and guidance they need along the way to make that dream a reality. At this event, incoming freshmen will be treated to special gifts from T.D.I. Inc. for their participation in the workshop.


Programs like this offered by T.D.I. were created in the spirit of what defines T.D.I. yesterday, today and tomorrow, which is the embracing of fellowship and strong relationships within the organization, the desire to have fun, and the assurance that all endeavors are performed in excellence. In addition to professional development and business acumen, T.D.I. cares about sharing lessons learned from member's experiences in an effort to reduce the risk of students making the same mistakes. "We want to form life-long personal and business relationships with our mentees," Dr. Brencleventon Donta Truss, President of T.D.I. states.


In the fall of 1993, a group of sixteen young men from Talladega, Alabama and Dallas, Texas met as freshman on the campus of Alabama State University. They started what is now a perpetual friendship with a common ambition to be successful and a desire to use their knowledge, time and monetary gifts to give back through an organization they founded called TallaDallas, Inc., which later became T.D.I. T.D.I.'s overall vision is to advance human well-being by assisting in developing holistic, well rounded individuals who will become positive contributors to society and will in turn assist in reciprocating that effort for future generations of young men and women. Through their story and brand, they will help by developing or enhancing leadership qualities, equipping people with tools for professional growth, or coaching habits for success. With this in mind, the T.D.I.: Transforming Dreams Into Reality Mentor and Scholarship Program was established. Not only does T.D.I. focus on providing mentorship and scholarships to incoming college freshmen, but the organization will also provide inspiration to leaders, entrepreneurs, and more via conferences, event planning, sponsorship opportunities, and more.


For more information on T.D.I. Inc., to schedule an interview, or to cover this upcoming workshop to be held at Alabama State University on Thursday, August 15th at 7pm, please contact us at (713) 344-0422 or email them at For more information visit their website at