December 2023

Dean Cancian & AEI president appraise child support system

In a new working paper, Maria Cancian and Robert Doar propose policy reforms to the Child Support Enforcement system, one of government's most powerful tools.

Active-duty student mentors others in and out of uniform

Captain Matthew Manning (MPM’24), a U.S. Army aviator and DC native, combines lived experience and a passion for policymaking to educate and inspire others in the military and local communities.

McCourt School alumni become Digital Corps Fellows

Early-career technologists Alex Adams (MS-DSPP’22) and Louisa Sholar (MPP’23) will spend the next two years working with federal agencies to modernize and simplify government services for all Americans.

5 new books published by McCourt School faculty

Recent publications cover topics ranging from housing inequality and disaster preparedness to Christianity and time travel.

Building bridges: GU Politics’ mission to break polarization

Georgetown’s Institute of Politics and Public Service plays a critical role in preparing future political leaders to push through toxic polarization for the common good.

A recipe for diplomatic success

Graduate students from the McCourt School and School of Foreign Service learn the secrets of dinner table diplomacy in a new, highly experiential course.