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October 2019
Turning Sibling Rivalries into Brotherly and Sisterly Love
When to worry and when to let them work it out themselves.

Every relationship has conflict, and the relationship between brothers and sisters is no exception. If you have more than one child, you’ve probably seen sibling rivalry rear its ugly head at some point. And, whether in the form of yelling, slamming doors, or even physical altercations, sparring siblings can be downright stressful for everyone in the home.  Read more
Upset brother and sister sit back-to-back with arms crossed.
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Being the Best Parent You Can Be During Divorce
Keep your children first through a breakup.

Raising kids after divorce can be among the most difficult things any parent goes through. Even under the best of circumstances, parenting during and after a divorce can be stressful - for adults and kids alike. While there are plenty of horror stories about families irrevocably torn apart by divorce, the truth is that the negative aspects of child rearing during divorce can be significantly mitigated. Read more
Departing father talks to his daughter while mother looks on.
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6 Tips for a Halloween Night to Remember
Halloween can be a scary time for parents, and we don’t mean in the fun way. In South Florida, where balmy weather, mosquito bites and potential flash storms can put a damper on your trick-or-treat plans before you get your first mini-Snickers bar, things can turn sour (Patch Kids!) in an instant. But if you follow these tips for parents, children and homeowners, you are more likely to keep everyone happy and not so scared to enjoy the night.  Read more
Kids in Halloween disguises run
10th Anniversary of Spooky Symphony Delights Kids and Parents Alike
The 10th Annual Spooky Symphony delivered on its promise of the producing some of the most beautiful scary music you will ever hear at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on Sunday, Oct. 27. Read more
Wonderwoman aka Maestra Huifang Chen conducts the Greater Miami Youth Symphony.
Photo: Gregory Reed
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