April 23, 2018 Edition
Turning Tassels
Achieving Dreams
You made the investment. They are achieving their dreams.
In today's edition of "Turning Tassels Achieving Dreams," we are spotlighting two Project GRAD Akron scholars with unique experiences. One scholar established a memorial scholarship, carrying on the dream of his younger sister; while our other scholar is taking her educational journey to another continent (Sayonara, North America!). Donte Douglas and Jordan Sibley are taking their Ohio roots and immersing themselves into community and culture while bringing to life Project GRAD Akron's mission to achieve success.

As we invite you to continue reading our "Turning Tassels Achieving Dreams" series, we thank you for your support and for believing in our motto that  G raduation  R eally  A chieves  D reams!
Donte Douglas
Donte Douglas is a 2008 Buchtel High School graduate and Project GRAD Akron scholar. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Muskingum College. Donte is currently pursuing his career path as a Case Manager serving children in foster care. In addition to being one of our scholars and a volunteer, Donte is a positive role model and advocate for higher education, particularly among inner-city students.

In May of 2015, Donte was working and living out-of- state. He received a call that his sister, India, had been involved in a serious car accident. India was a 2013 Buchtel High School graduate and a Project GRAD Akron student. After graduation, she was attending college and employed. That morning, India had just left home to attend her college classes. Upon receiving the call, Donte returned home to be with his family. Days later, India died as a result of the injuries she sustained in the accident. Later, the driver of the other vehicle was convicted and sentenced to a prison term.

As the family attempted to cope with the sudden loss of their beloved India, Donte decided that he wanted to do something in her memory. In 2016, Donte along with his parents and sister, established the Project GRAD Akron India Ola Memorial Book Scholarships. Donte turned this tragic situation in a way to pay homage to India by helping others achieve their dreams of completing college.
Beginning with the Buchtel Class of 2016, The Project GRAD Akron India Ola Douglas Memorial Book Scholarship has been awarded annually to at least one female graduating senior who meets the “How to Be Indie Scholarship” application requirements and is selected by the Scholarship Review Committee. In order to qualify, the candidate must attend Buchtel High School. Together, we've been able to award five students scholarships to their preferred institution. The next round of scholars will be from the Buchtel Class of 2018, which includes Donte and India's youngest sister, Ashlyn, another Project GRAD Akron scholar.

Donte's mission to carry-out his sister's dream is far from complete. Help us provide additional scholarships in India's honor as we help Donte fulfill his mission. Thank you, Donte Douglas, for taking a tragic situation to assist other students.
Jordan Sibley
Jordan Sibley is a 2016 Buchtel High School graduate and a Project GRAD Akron Scholar. Graduating in the top of her class, Jordan is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing at The Ohio State University.

Although Jordan is early on into her mid-college career (now completing her sophomore year of college) she continues to explore every opportunity offered at her institution; ultimately making the decision to step outside of her comfort zone and experience the university life in Africa.
The countdown begins as Jordan prepares for her educational travel-abroad opportunity to Uganda. During her study abroad, Jordan will collaborate with classmates while engaging with several representatives of Ugandan society, including educators, professionals, activists and others who advocate for Ugandans' human security. Jordan is set to leave the United States to embark on her journey to Africa in May of 2018.

With plenty of time to figure out her calling, Jordan is determined that her study abroad experience will open her eyes to versatile business practices and a better understanding of the Ugandan culture.

Jordan can use as much support as possible during her journey. Check out her STORY to learn more.
Check out Jordan's 2017 Winter Interview.
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