Turtle-friendly LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!
Bad Monkey is a series based on a Carl Hiaasen novel currently being filmed here in the Keys!
Some may be surprised by how many movies, shows and commercials are filmed in the Keys. There’s so much to consider when scouts apply for Permits, and sea turtles sometimes are in the mix of considerations. The Netflix series “Bloodline” was filmed in the Keys, and Save-A-Turtle monitors were onsite at all times during filming. Currently, Apple TV has several Keys filming sites for the “Bad Monkey” series. Save-A-Turtle monitors are on site at all times during filming, as well as during any other times impacts may occur. Multiple pre-production meetings and conferences with county and wildlife officials also included Save-A-Turtle which is providing the oversight and guidance to insure all rules and regulations are followed, as well as to insure proper sea turtle lighting is in place. In the event a sea turtle comes up on the beach at anytime during the shoot, the entire production gets shut down until the nest is complete and the sea turtle fully returns back to sea. The nest would then be marked with a safety perimeter established away from the nest. This will occur for every nest and/or false crawl that may occur within a pre-established perimeter for any sea turtle. Save-A-Turtle monitors take their responsibilities very seriously and are happy to say that appropriate plans are always in place before even the first crew or scout sets foot on any designated job sites.
Photos provided by Jen DeMaria and Harry Appel (photo shows SAT volunteer Randy Beck on monitor duty)

We continue to monitor those Keys nests for hatches!
We have had quite a few nests hatch over the past month which is always an exciting time! Most of the nests have very few issues but some have experienced disorientation issues due to improper lighting from homes and businesses. We are working with the involved parties to educate on proper lighting and prevent this from occurring in the future. You can read more about a disorientation that happened in Key West here - KeyWestDisorientation
More details on good lighting can be found here - TurtleLighting
Cool Merchandise Alert!
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August Board Meeting
If you are interested in joining the August Board meeting please use the Zoom meeting information below:

Save A Turtle Board Meeting
Monday, August 8, 2022
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Meeting ID: 423 427 8754
Passcode: 210787
Call-In Number: 301 715 8592

2022 Save-A-Turtle Board Members
Below are the elected members of the 2022 Save-A-Turtle Board.

President: Harry Appel
Vice President: Teresa Tupper
Treasurer: Vivian Beck
Secretary: Kelley Porter
Board Member: Heather Skelley
Board Member: Jennifer DeMaria
Board Member: Jill Reilley
Board Member: Randy Beck
Board Member: Sara Casey
Alt Board Member: Dawn Bowles

Technical Advisor: Sue Schaf

Flippers up to everyone who is volunteering for the 2022 season, both on and off our board!
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