2021 Board Members
Save A Turtle of the Florida Keys Inc. proudly announces it's newly installed 2021 Board as follows:
Harry Appel, President
Vacant, Vice President
Vivian Beck, Treasurer
Kelley Porter, Secretary

Randy Beck, Board Member
Jennifer DeMaria, Board Member
Melissa Goldblatt, Board Member
Tammie Anderson, Board Member
Vanessa Walsh, Board Member
Jackie Johnston, Board Member
Jill Reilley, Board Member

Our thanks goes out to all of the Officers and Board Members, who willing give so much of their time towards this fully volunteer, 100% non profit organization.

Flippers up for a GREAT 2021!
Almost Game Time
The 2021 Superbowl is over, but the super sea turtle nesting season will be kicking off in just two more months.

We at Save-A-Turtle are getting ready to hit the beaches of the Florida Keys for our spring training. Our volunteer beach walker recruits will first attend a mandatory nest monitor webinar virtually in February or March, and then the flip-flops will meet the sand in April! 

We never know what to expect from year to year. Will it be a strong nesting season for Team Loggerhead? Will there be any "unnecessary roughness" from hurricanes?

However it goes this nesting season, our goal at Save-A-Turtle is to mark, monitor and protect as many sea turtle nests as we can identify in the Florida Keys.

Nothing beats finding those baby flipper marks in the sand, bursting from their nests, racing for the end zone: the Atlantic Ocean! 
Do you and your Valentine share a love as big as the ocean? 
Instead of flowers and chocolates, how about giving your sweetie a virtual adoption of a tiny baby sea turtle?

Because nothing says, "Aaaaaw," like a baby turtle!

We at Save-A-Turtle think they're the cutest things in the Keys!

Adoptions start at just $15, and we'll email you a Sea Turtle Adoption Certificate that will melt your valentine's heart! 

Go to SHOP at Save-A-Turtle.org to pick your adoption sponsorship level. 

Show your honey you care about them - And about the future of sea turtles!
Save us from plastics!
Recently we learned about a family living in Phuket, Thailand, who were very distressed about plastic pollution on land & sea. They started a project called #SaveUsFromPlastics wherein they are using plastic caps collected as trash, recycled and repurposing them into useful designs in the shape of some endangered animals.

They have chosen a sea turtle as their first design!

You can read about their project and see more pictures at www.saveusfromplastics.com 

Huge flippers up from us across the world at Save-A-Turtle to these trash warriors.
Volunteers & Beach Walkers Needed for the 2021 Nesting Season
Registration is open for the 2021 SNBS/INBS workshops
The registration site is now open for the 2021 FWC SNBS/INBS sea turtle nesting survey workshops for those wishing to be sea turtle nesting beach surveyors for the 2021 season.

Due to Covid 19, these training workshops will be held virtually this year via Microsoft Teams Meeting platform. A link to the webinar will be included in the confirmation email to registered participants. Registered participants will have the option to download the app and join the webinar on the app, or simply join the webinar through a web browser.

Note that registration is not proof of attendance. It is still a requirement to have this training at least every other year, and you are responsible for keeping track of your up to date training.

This training is mandatory if you did not take the training in 2020. This is not the training for the Stranding & Salvage Network which is a separate permit for those wanting to volunteer for that network.

Training Workshops are:
February 16 1:00 - 4:30 pm
March 9 9:00 - 12:30 pm
April 6 6:00 - 9:30 pm

For more information and to sign up for a training please email your name and location to one of our permit holders (link below). She will connect you with the information to register and the permit holder for the beach closest to where you live.
Do you live in the Florida Keys?
Do you LOVE Sea Turtles?
Do you like to walk the beach?

Would you like to be a part of
We are always looking for beach walkers to join our team of dedicated surveyors.
Recently one of our Board Members was treated to this glorious sunrise as she was doing an early morning solo sea turtle nesting beach cleanup here in the Keys.

We’ll be ready for you sea turtles, we’re working hard to collect trash as much as possible!
Report Sick, Injured or Dead Sea Turtles in Florida- Call FWCC at 888-404-FWCC