First Nest of the Season!
We had our first nest of the season in the Lower Keys!
Congratulations to our beach walkers Pam and Amy in the Lower Keys that discovered our first nest of the season! Great job ladies, this wasn't an easy one to spot!
Did you know?
The Leatherback sea turtle is an amazing "soft shelled" sea turtle. It differs from the other sea turtles we see in the Florida Keys because of it's size and shell. Leatherbacks are larger than other hard shelled species of turtles and they have a unique leather-like shell that can compress and expand as they make deep dives, sometimes over 3000 feet! They thrive in deep ocean water, eating their favorite food- jellyfish! Unfortunately, they are susceptible to being caught in commercial fishing drift nets. These large sea turtles are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Save-A-Turtle Board Members Celebrate Earth Day
Save-A-Turtle volunteers are always focused on bettering our environment, and creating a cleaner planet for the sea turtles. While Covid may have prevented us from participating in formal Earth Day events, our volunteers were still out there, giving back to Mother Nature.
Board Member Kelley and her daughter Kassie participated in a local clean up in Tennessee.
Kassie has her own group called TheirPlanet, and they spend time collecting trash, and making our world a better place! Keep up the great work Kassie, Mother Earth thanks you!
If you look close enough, you'll often spot Save-A-Turtle Board Member Jen picking up trash all over Big Pine Key!
Board Members Vivian and Randy Beck volunteered their time planting sea oats. Once these sea oats are fully grown, they will offer stabilization to the dune system, and provide shelter for many insects, birds and other animals.
Save-A-Turtle President Harry Appel participated in Earth Day by cleaning up our turtle nesting beach and planting sea oats.
Seaspiracy on Netflix
A war is being waged against our ocean. This shocking new documentary reveals the widespread environmental destruction caused by human activity. If you haven’t yet seen it, be sure to watch Seaspiracy on Netflix today, Here
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May Board Meeting
Save A Turtle is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID:
940 0690 0287

Join by Telephone
877 853 5257 (Toll Free) or 855 880 1246 (Toll Free)
Meeting ID:
940 0690 0287

Meeting Date:
Monday, May 1, 2021

Meeting Time:
6:30 PM EST

The board meeting is open to the public and there will be an open forum for comments for 10 minutes after the board meeting is adjourned.
Report Sick, Injured or Dead Sea Turtles in Florida- Call FWCC at 888-404-FWCC