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September 2022


Come see us in September!

We are so excited to be part of the Education Village at the Stock Island Cleanup & Community Day on September 24th! Please come out for some free family fun. You can view the event on our Facebook page for more details (Event Link).


Save-A-Turtle’s obligation to sea turtles does not end at sundown... 

Night surveys are also routinely conducted. A night survey is different from a regular nesting walk in that the purpose is to specifically look for obstructions on beaches that could cause sea turtles to become entangled or entrapped. It also helps us identify and assist properties with non-compliant lighting which could cause nesting females as well as hatchlings to become disoriented. The pictures above show just a small slice of many concerns identified on a recent night survey on a section of one of the Keys' beaches. Volunteers identified non-compliant lighting at various residences, businesses and parking areas, as well as a concerning amount of beach furniture and kayaks on nesting habitat. It is important to recognize that lighting concerns do not end at the beach, but include atmospheric lighting and radiant lighting which can be as far as across a street, in a parking deck, on condos and hotels, etc. We are half way through nesting season and still finding many concerning issues in just one town which continues to highlight the importance the night surveys our volunteers conduct. We meet with residents, businesses and officials in relevant areas more often during nesting season for obvious reasons, but our goal is always education year-round in an effort to curb hazards before they start. Unfortunately, there are always repeat offenders, but our goal is always 100% compliance. Sea turtles face a lot of threats in nature so to see conditions such as these pictures depict is always frustrating but we will continue to work on improving conditions for those precious turtles. You can read more about turtle friendly lighting here.

Some Good Turtle News!

Endangered sea turtles found on Louisiana islands for first time in 75 years...

For the first time in 75 years, hatchlings of the world’s smallest sea turtle species have been discovered on the Chandeleur Islands, a chain of barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of New Orleans. READ MORE

Cool Turtle Stuff Alert!

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September Board Meeting

If you are interested in joining the September Board meeting please use the Zoom meeting information below:

Save A Turtle Board Meeting

Thursday, September 8, 2022

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 423 427 8754

Passcode: 210787

Call-In Number: 301 715 8592

2022 Save-A-Turtle Board Members

Below are the elected members of the 2022 Save-A-Turtle Board.

President: Harry Appel
Vice President: Teresa Tupper
Treasurer: Vivian Beck
Secretary: Kelley Porter
Board Member: Heather Skelley
Board Member: Jennifer DeMaria
Board Member: Jill Reilley
Board Member: Randy Beck
Board Member: Sara Casey
Alt Board Member: Dawn Bowles

Technical Advisor: Sue Schaf

Flippers up to everyone who is volunteering for the 2022 season, both on and off our board!

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