Olivia P. from Shawnee, Kansas is truly an amazing little girl! At the age of 10, she is an aspiring marine biologist, with a passion for sea turtles and the environment. For her 11th birthday this past month, she requested a sea turtle themed party, and in lieu of gifts, asked her friends to Adopt a Baby Sea Turtle through Save-A-Turtle! Olivia's request raised $150 for SAT. And or course, eco and turtle friendly party favors were provided to all of her guests.

When corresponding with Olivia's mom Audrey, she informed me that 3 years ago, (she was only 8!) Olivia and her friends made an informative power point presentation for their school principle and cafeteria staff, requesting that they reduce their use of plastic straws. Well it worked! The following school year, the school removed straws for public use, keeping them available to students who do need them.

Olivia....we wish you a very Happy Birthday and thank you with all of our hearts for your efforts. You are an amazing girl and we know you have an incredible future ahead of you.