May 2nd, 2019
Abundant April Showers; Skies to Clear by Wednesday

Yes, we know you’ve been bombarded by 300 jumbo postcards, wafer-sealed epistles and friendly smiling faces popping up on your computer promising to be the next best thing since sliced bread to run your fill-in-the-blank government. You’ve accidentally followed one of the lengthy chains on social media that ends with memes of tar and feathers. We heartily recommend enjoying the Kentucky Derby festivities on Saturday and a salty libation on Sunday’s Cinco de Mayo. Seriously, our two communities arguably lead the state, and arguably the Midwest and beyond, in growth and innovation.  Do your candidate research with the election guides that will be delivered over the weekend and on Monday. And then on Tuesday, VOTE. Don’t wake up Wednesday and think, “How did this happen? Gee, I should have voted!” Meanwhile, other things besides the election are happening. Really they are …

OneZone Weighs in on HSE School Board Discrimination Policy. Former governor Joe Kernan was ending his comments before over 100 business people at a state chamber luncheon on Indiana's future. "One thing I hope you'll remember. I'm teaching some classes at my alma mater and let me tell you something about the next generation - they won't tolerate intolerance." He got a standing ovation.

Fishers is a community that's taken that seriously. The Stigma-free Fishers campaign brought together police, fire, school, community and health representatives, and together, they're making a difference. Fishers has been on so many "best of' lists, it's almost expected. Fishers is a positive, open, welcoming community.

That's why HSE schools' recent vote on its discrimination policy is so baffling. Of course, inclusion is important to students, parents, teachers and administrators. But it's important to business too.

Human Capital has become the most crucial factor in economic development, and inclusion is a significant business issue. Businesses are looking for the best and the brightest and our communities have to send a clear, consistent message about who we are - vibrant, entrepreneurial, open and accepting to all.

OneZone, representing over 1,400 businesses, felt strongly that it was time for Indiana to pass strong hate crimes legislation. For the same reasons, we agree with Mayor Fadness' comments on the recent HSE School Board vote and urge the board to reconsider their statement and include those most vulnerable. Let's not leave any doubt about who we are.

Lot One in the Spotlight.    Both Carmel and Fishers have benefited from terrific public/private partnerships, and Carmel’s next one garnered eight suitors. Eight developers responded to the Carmel Redevelopment’s RFP for the Northeast corner of Range Line Road and Main Street, a.k.a. the PNC corner; historically, Lot One. Among the renderings and suggestions, public/private parking garages, office/retail space mixed with condos and apartments and, perhaps most exciting for the foodies among us, one developer is proposing a 20,000 square-foot community food market/food hall. You can see the possibilities here .

Northern Developments.   Westfield continues in development mode as well, announcing Union Square at Grand Junction, the first major private development. Former OneZone Business of the Year winner Justin Moffett (Old Town   Design Group)   is the developer, and you can read more here .  

Plus One - Welcome Back Farmers! Area farmers’ markets kick off this weekend around Hamilton County including in Carmel and Fishers . While it’s too early for “My Dad’s Corn” and “The Melon Guy,” it’s a good time to stock up on sweet spring asparagus, arugula, kale and microgreens while taste testing (and hopefully buying!) dips, honey, juice and jelly. More than one business in town got its launch at our area markets, and we encourage supporting these local entrepreneurs bringing local products and produce to market.