Edmee is from Haiti and her English skills were already evident to me when she applied for naturalization to become a citizen of the USA. Nonetheless she studied very hard to prepare for her interview. She had a tutor, Nancy Newfield, and was in our citizenship class as well. Edmee went for her interview in November of last year. The interviewer was very impressed with Edmee's quick answers to questions of history and civics and told her so. She had no problem with the reading and writing tasks. She passed with flying colors and was on her way to becoming a citizen. All that remained was to be sworn in.

Monique came to Literacy Solutions in early January to ask for help to pass her exam and interview which was to be on 1/19 for the second round having failed on her first try. Like Edmee, Monique is from Haiti and speaks Kreyol primarily. When I met her, it was evident to me that she was going to waste her time and money going to the second interview. I convinced her not to try and save herself needless pain. A letter was written withdrawing her application from consideration. What Monique needed was a tutor to help her learn more English and the history and civics needed for success at the interview.

Now tutors are hard to come by at Finkelstein and Monique’s work hours didn't make it any easier to find a match. Then a great idea came to me. Why not use a great student to help a fellow countrywoman pass the interview? Edmee said yes to this great idea. Christina gave Edmee a quick training session and Monique was enrolled as a student in the volunteer program. The rest is history...civics, and the future. Thank you Edmee, now a US citizen, and our newest tutor volunteer. You have joined a great bunch of people who give their time and care for the cause of enlightenment.