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Summer 2018  
A Mother's Luncheon
at Union Restaurant!
This spring Literacy Solutions held a special mother's celebration honoring 22 students, former students and community members who work with us for improved literacy in Haverstraw. For many, it was the ultimate treat to dine at the area's top rated dining establishment, Union Restaurant , where the luncheon took place.
The group of mothers who gathered was from countries such as; Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. It was a lovely celebration that will be remembered for many years.   
Thank you to our social case worker, Gricelda Serrano (pictured center, below) for making this celebration possible!
Making-A-Difference Moments
Literacy tutor, Marlene R., (pictured below, right) is mentoring her student in a larger love of learning. At one tutoring session, Marlene brought a gorgeous bouquet of her homegrown daffodils to share with her student, Tetiana (below, left). She used her love of gardening to prompt a discussion of plant names and botanicals which resulted in Tetiana sharing memories of her own mother's garden in the Ukraine. These are what we call Making-A-Difference moments. As a result, Tetiana was inspired to take a visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on her own.

During another tutor session Marlene shared a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Tetiana immediately practiced and finally mastered the recipe to the delight of her family. Next up, Tetiana expects to visit the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.

Thank you, Marlene, for providing such interesting themes to your tutoring sessions. It's obvious Tetiana's improved English literacy is giving her the confidence to broaden her life experiences. Very well done, Marlene!
How to Teach Writing...
the easy way!
Our Education Specialist, Judith Levine, introduced " The Writing Kernel " at our last Tutor Workshop. Here is a quick review of the activity designed to make it easy for tutors to teach writing to students.
Sentence expansion activities are important to help students write with more clarity and description. Here is a great "kernel" sentence activity which uses the words where, when, why and how , to help the student think about and describe information with more detail.
"The boys ran..." and "Rose entered..." are two examples of writing kernels. If interested, Judy will share a worksheet of other examples for you to use with your student.

Please email or call our tutor office for more tips. 845-708-9072
Literacy tutor, Richard C, has become a big part of the lives of the young couple he tutors.
Students, Liubov & Pavel, arrived a few years ago from Russia with their school-aged daughter. Recently, the couple gave birth to their first American born child who they named Peter Paul. Dick's wife knitted this sweet pair of red, white and blue booties (below) for the proud parents and their newborn son.
Richard has often expressed how much it means to him to be a part of this special couple's naturalization process. And Liubov and Pavel cannot thank us enough for putting their special tutor, Richard, in their lives. Thank you, Richard, for the gift of your time for this hard working couple.
Coming In October!

Peekskill Tutors - Meet N Greet!

Do any Rockland tutors have a friend who lives across the river that may be interested in becoming a literacy tutor? Literacy Solutions NY, Inc. will be hosting a Tutor Meet-N-Greet workshop in Peekskill in October.

More details to follow....
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