Welcome to another pastor’s update. So glad you can be with the 4 of us and with your brothers and sisters of St Bede. 

Happy Father’s Day to our dads, granddads, Godfathers, stepfathers, foster fathers and father figures. Sunday is designated your day; we honor you every day. Once again to our graduates, blessings and congratulations.  

We hope you noticed the change in our Mass times this Sunday. We heard for some that 11:30 on Sunday morning was a bit too late and because we have been able to wipe down and sanitize the church quicker than what was originally specified by the diocese, it is possible to move to time to its pre-Covid slot. So this week mass has been moved up to 11:00 am and will be in person only (i.e. it will not be live-streamed). For those who want to view Mass at their leisure, the 8:30 Mass will be available soon after it airs.  

Beginning next week, since we have hit the limit in registrations for the 8:30 Mass two weeks in a row, we plan to add another Mass to our weekend schedule – at 5:30pm on Saturday evening. For those who want to participate in this Mass, be aware that there will be procedures – new to you - prior to your arrival and while you are in the building. Masks need to be worn at all times, questions about your health will be asked in the circle in front of the Jesus statue in the piazza, and parking will be more restricted to allow more spaces for those with handicaps tags. Like those who have come on Sundays the past few weeks, you will need to come earlier and be escorted to your seats and escorted out row by row.  Doors are locked shortly after Mass begins. Please note: at the present time, these are the procedures for all churches in the Diocese of Richmond

In summary, Mass this Sunday and for the foreseeable future: 8:30 in person and live-streamed; 11:00 in person only; 2:30 in Spanish- in person and live-streamed.

Next Saturday and for the foreseeable future, we will add an in person only Mass on Saturday evening at 5:30 pm.   

To register for this weekends Mass, click here.

   If you have questions, please email me directly:  msgrjlehman@bedeva.org.

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