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Message from the Chair - Tessique Houston

Hello Area 12!

I hope all of your end of the season activities have been successful! As we head into the summer season, I hope you find time for rest, rejuvenation and renewal. That could mean taking time off from bells, but I think it can also mean experiencing bells in a new way. There are several concerts and events that are happening this summer and you can find them on the Area 12 calendar. If you are usually too busy to get to concerts in your area, now you have a chance! There are events happening that can help you to keep up or enhance your skills instead of letting them get lost with the summer break. I encourage you to find a new and fun way to experience bells.

As I hope you all know by now, Handbell Musicians of America's National Seminar will be held in our area this summer! We are still in need of equipment and bells to be loaned and for bodies to be volunteered. Besides the typical sets of bells and chimes, I am looking for some specific equipment like keyboards, music stands and foam. Contact me if you will help us out!

We are also in need of volunteers. These volunteers don't have to be ringers, just people willing to help. For load in day,  July 11, we need 12-15 people who can lift cases and push carts as we will be setting up the classrooms. For the rest of the event,  July 12-15, we need 8-10 people a day in each of two shifts,  8:00 am to 1:00 pm and  2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Contact me if you are able to volunteer to make this event awesome!

Until next time!

Tessique Houston
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke, Communications

Just as many folks come to Area 12 for our outstanding events, so do Area 12 members head out to have some out of the Area fun! Here is a bit about Area 10's Coppers Classic from two Area 12 ringers who should know!

The Coppers Classic event is an excellent opportunity for ringers to bring their ringing up to that next level, to refine their skills and maybe learn some new techniques. It's a chance to get together with ringers from other communities and make new friends. It is also an opportunity for lots and lots of FUN, all while making good music together!

And all of that counts double for low bass ringers. Many church choirs don't own bells lower than C4. Some of the lucky ones go down to G3, or C3 if they are really fortunate. Usually ringers would need to join a community group to get the chance to ring the those bells. It is even more rare to have the opportunity to play with the 2's, affectionately known as the "big buckets". Coppers Classic is your chance! If you want to give those big bells a try, come join us in the back row!
       - Carol Flint (San Jose) and Gianna Cassarino ( Morgan Hill)

Penny Palmer, Gianna Cassarino, Debra Mikkelsen, Carol Flint

View the Copper Classics ad in our sidebar
for info on the next event!

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director
Northern CA - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
Nancy Schmitt

Hello Northern California,

It is always nice to hear about young people ringing bells but it is extra nice to see young people  ringing bells. Eureka and Redding will be very lucky to experience the performance of CAST IN  BRONZE on June 10 (Eureka) and June 11 (Redding). Young people ages 12-19 coming from Ohio on  their summer tour will treat the communities to a concert. Without young ringers, handbell  ringing will become a lost art, so I am very excited about this event and hope you will attend!

I am also excited about our fall event,  Redding Handbell Festival, on October 14. What a great way to start your fall season and have music to  play for the entire year. There will be massed ringing, classes, and a bronze choir attached to the festival  for those ringers wanting a challenge.

The Redding Handbell Festival and the CAST IN BRONZE  concert are posted on the Area 12 website calendar. Be sure to check these events out for concert  times and places and registration forms and general information.
Mary Balkow, Massed Ringing Conductor
Barb Walsh,  Red Zone Bronze Conductor

Registration:  ONLY $35.00!
This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America.

Nancy Schmitt
Northern California Regional Coordinator  

For information on Northern California's concerts, events,  and other opportunities,  click here !
Central CA - Christine Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Summertime Tips! If your handbell choirs are taking a summer break, here are some ideas for the months off:

You might want to delay polishing your bells until just before starting up ringing in the fall to prevent tarnish and dust collecting on the bells during summer months.

Now is an excellent time to let 4-5 of your ringers who just can't let go of the ringing season to form a quartet or quintet. No director needed - just make sure everyone understands the techniques needed to be successful in an small ensemble. 

Quintets: You can't beat Doug Wagner's series called "Five By Five"! Limited choreography, great arrangements.

Quartets ringing on the table like 4 solo ringers: Best music EVER is Cantabile Press catalog! Again, limited choreography, but it's there for suggestions. My quartet, the Medallion Ringers, usually changed it around a bit. LOVE this catalog!

Four-in-hand quartets - my passion!: Medallion Ringers rang the written notes G4-C7, but transposed the BELLS, so we held Bb4-Eb7. Reason...the G4/A4 in anyone's left hand is pretty heavy, but a minor third up is a lot better! If anyone would like my hand-out for this type of quartet, including transposition chart, please email me. Best music to start: "Four-in-Hand Quartet Ringing" by Dan Miller.

Solo ringing: Is there an outstanding, but perhaps  bored,   ringer who needs more challenge than what the bell choir offers? This is the perfect person to show the special techniques unique to solo ringing and let him/her go to the bell table with your blessings. Check out the Hope catalog for instructional materials, including lots of music guaranteed to provide complete choreography.

Have a great summer, be safe and happy wherever your paths take you ~ and I hope to see many of my CenCal ringers and directors at National Seminar in Southern California in July!

Christine Anderson
Central California Regional Coordinator

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
Southern CA - Michèle Sharik, Regional Coordinator

Hi there, SoCal!

Our annual Spring Ring was a big hit! We had 104 registrants representing 11 groups and including 5 individuals from all over the SoCal and LA Metro regions. We had 20 ringers sign up for our Bronze Vision track in which they learned two Level 4 pieces to present at our concert. Our amazing clinician, Stevie Berryman, led all of us through four massed ringing pieces, worked with the Bronze Vision group to present two pieces, and just generally made us laugh while we learned. Our hosts, the Tower Bells of St. Thomas More Catholic Church and their director Douglas Lynn, made us all feel welcome in their wonderful facility. As event coordinator, I can attest they made my job so much easier by making sure everything ran smoothly in terms of facility usage. 

I hope you will all join us again at St. Thomas More Catholic Church for next year's event on Saturday, May 19 with clinician KatRyn Howell! 

As we head into the summer months, I do hope you will all take advantage of events near and far (hint, hint: National Seminar in Garden Grove!) to learn from each other, meet new and interesting people, and just have a wonderful handbell time.

Michèle Sharik
For information on Southern California's concerts,  events,
and other opportunities,  click here .  
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Northern NV - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator


We had two great events in Reno!

The first one was our 15th Annual Sierra Spring Ring. This year it was held at Marvin Picollo School which allowed us to offer more classes (taught by members of  Harmony Handbells and  Tintabulations ) which were very well received. It was great to reconnect with 70+ ringer friends!

Our second event was our Umpteenth Annual Young Ringers Festival. There were slightly fewer students than last year, but they were definitely mighty in sound, technique and musicality! Kudos to Debbie Vaughan for the wonderful event!

Barbara Walsh
Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here
SF Bay Area - Kendra Scott, Regional Coordinator

Hi Bay Area!

The last weekend in April over 100 ringers enjoyed playing together at the Bay Area Spring Ring at Valley Church in Cupertino. Our clinician was Bill Mathis and we were treated to a noontime concert of "Christmas in April" by Kathie Fink. We had a fantastic youth workshop led by Barb Walsh. In keeping with the cutting edge of Silicon Valley, we were also able to offer a class on using a music tablet to cut down on page turns. It's pretty amazing what you can do with a .pdf and a foot pedal!

The day culminated in an evening concert of massed ringing and solo numbers by local groups. Some folks also attended a Director's Workshop  with Bill and Carolynne Mathis  in Concord  on Sunday  afternoon.

Summer is often a time for rejuvenation and relaxing. Some of us welcome this time off whereas others just can't help but keep on ringing! What do you like to do in the summer? Play in small ensembles?  Do bell repair? Plan out your next season? Offer summer camps? Let us know!

Once again Area 12 will be offering Back to Bells workshops in September at a location near you. Do you know of a set of bells in need of ringing? Help us help you get those bells dusted off and making music again! Contact us if you'd like to host a workshop location or know someone who does!

Remember to check out our Events Calendar for spring and summer concerts in your area!

Keep those bells a-ringing!

Kendra Scott
Bay Area Regional Coordinator

For information on San Francisco  Bay Area's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here.

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News in Education - KatRyn Howell, Education
Are a 12 has a thriving "Bells in Education" program. Currently we have 6 sets of bells and 3 sets of chimes available for loan based on need and availability. They are loaned out by semester and renewable if no one is waiting for them. Please encourage schools in your area to contact me if they have any interest in starting up a program. North Shoreview Montessori School was loaned a set of chimes this year and here is how the chimes enhanced their music program.


The Tubular Percussion Ensemble at North Shoreview Montessori School started five years ago with a set of Boomwhacker tuned plastic tubes. This year we are delighted to add a three-octave set of handchimes on loan from Area 12, adding resonance to our tubular percussion sound. So far the group has performed Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on chimes and is working on combined chime-boomwhacker arrangements of "Chicken Dance Polka" and "We Know The Way" from the movie "Moana." North Shoreview is a public Montessori magnet school in the San Mateo-Foster City School District serving Kindergarten through eighth grades; students in grades 6-8 are eligible to join the Tubular Percussion Ensemble as a music elective. The group is directed by volunteer music teacher from the Bay Area's Velocity Handbell Ensemble,  Mark Henderson

KatRyn Howell
Education Director
Southern NV - Alison Pruett, Regional Coordinator

Alison Pruett
S Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .

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Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle
Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here .
LA Metro - F. Thomas Simpson, Regional Coordinator

F. Thomas Simpson
LA Metro Regional Coordinator
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities,  click here.
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