Christmas 2022
  • Reflecting on the Incarnation
  • Resources for Christmas and Epiphany, Year A - Rooted in Abundance
  • Evaluate your 2022 Campaign and prepare for 2023

Epiphany is my favorite season of the Church Year. Coming off the emotional height of Christmas, we spend a few weeks basking in the glimmer of light as we hear the stories of the things made possible by the Incarnation. Sunday after Sunday in the seven weeks of Epiphany, we will hear most of the Sermon on the Mount, as Matthew narrates Jesus’ largest body of teaching. These are the lessons on which we build our faith; they form the root of our belief.

It is no coincidence that just after experiencing the glory of the birth of Jesus, we are led into his most prominent teaching. While we are still excited about the miracle of the Son of Man, we are called to remember just why He is the prophet who will lead us through what we will face. Build your city on the hill, let your light shine, don’t lose your saltiness, blessed are the peacemakers. These core principles guide us in our ministry, give the Church its purpose, create God’s reign anew on Earth.

As we explore the manifestation of Jesus to the world, shining our light on a dark world, we root ourselves in these essential teachings. We are called to share the love and the witness of God’s salvation, so abundantly offered, with our neighbors and our world as we walk our own path in the ancient teachings of our prophet and prince.

How will you let your light shine this year, showing the world that you are rooted in the abundance of a loving God?

May God manifest herself in your life,
Cn. J. Davey Gerhard III
Executive Director

Introducing: 2023 Annual Theme
Rooted in Abundance

Our generosity is informed by the simple theological truth that God has blessed us infinitely with all of the gifts of Creation. Our lives, our labor, our love are devoted to the mission of the Church when we take stock and realize that our lives and our response to God’s generosity are Rooted in Abundance.

The 2023 Annual Campaign Materials are being prepared for your stewardship formation and education this year. Download the Epiphany reflections to kickstart your 2023 teaching on generosity and learn about how we are Rooted in Abundance. You may download these reflections today. (please note, the rest of our resources will be updated later in the church year)
The 2023 Webinar Calendar is uploaded - fill out your training plan today!

We are revisiting some favorite trainings and offering some new ones this year as we combine materials for annual campaigns with practical teaching on stewardship topics. See our Webinar page to learn about and register for all our webinars this year!
Evaluate your 2023 Campaign

Each year we offer a webinar on best practices for evaluating a campaign and planning for the next year. Before we forget the lessons of our fall fundraising, it is so important to gather our team back together again and to learn what worked and what did not work and to look at the campaign performance. Analyzing trends can help us prepare for changes in our giving patterns. Given enough notice of changing trends, we can provide formation, preaching, and teaching about generosity and gratitude basics throughout the year to help our members understand how their giving impacts the mission.

Start 2023 right by signing up for our webinar on January 21 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern on Evaluating Your Pledge Campaign.
Creating Budgets That Support Your Mission

Your church budget is a reflection of your values and your mission. What we fund and what we do not fund in our operating budgets sends a message to our members and to our neighbors about more than our fiscal responsibility, but also how seriously we take the Great Commission to make disciples of everyone we meet.

Does your church fund its outreach from the budget, or rely on extra-budgetary fundraising to do good works? Do you provide a living wage to your employees? Do you appropriately staff and train the programs that serve your community? Learn how to create budgets that are theologically sound as well as fiscally appropriate.

Sign up for our free webinar on February 11 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Recruiting and Training a Stewardship Committee

A well-run campaign needs a well-trained and prepared stewardship committee to lead it. Learn best practices on how to identify and recruit the right members to serve on this essential committee, and help form them into a community of volunteers who will support each other and the work of generosity in your church.

We can help you develop a cheerful, effective, well-prepared committee with this webinar, a TENS tried-and-true favorite.

Sign up for our free webinar on March 4 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Motivations for Intergenerational Giving

This webinar was so popular last year, that we have been asked to run it again. Our members are savvy donors and have many motivations for making gifts to fund our church budgets. Learn some key distinctions between generations so that you may fine tune your stewardship campaigns for the best impact.

We will spend a lot of time on how to attract and retain younger members, as well. Learn what trends appeal, and don't appeal, to Millennials and Generation Z members and donors.

Sign up for our free webinar on April 1 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Making the Case: Effective Materials for Successful Campaigns

The ways that you message your annual pledge campaign make a difference in how much impact it has on your members. If you are running the same program year after year, using the same theme, the same logo, the same words, the same timeline, you might also be getting the same results.

Consider changing up your materials, getting new pictures, stories, metrics, and methods. Reach your members in a new way and make sure every member knows how to make their best gift to support your operating budget and your ministry to the community. Learn our best practices on great campaign materials and story-telling techniques.

Sign up for our free webinar on May 13 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Breaking Through the Pledge Plateau

There comes a time with each congregation when the campaign plateaus: when members make the same gift year after year; when the pledges are on autopilot. What can you do to shine a new light on your programs and ministries to help your members make their best gifts?

Right as you return from your summer break, learn best practices for breaking through the plateau and increasing the impact, gift size, and cheerfulness of your members so that your ministries can flourish.

Sign up for our free webinar on August 26 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern