November 2022
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In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitudeActs 24:3

I am a huge fan of researcher and author Brené Brown. Her work is fascinating, but I’m particularly attracted to the connection her research has identified between gratitude and joy. Brown’s research suggests that actively “practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives”. She is not suggesting merely feeling grateful but rather the act of practicing gratitude increases joy in our lives. She suggests that practicing gratitude involves doing something “tangible and observable” like talking or writing about what you are grateful for. It seems to me that those tangible practices can help us move beyond the often routine “thank you” statements that we utter countless times daily to a deeper kind of appreciation.

A great example of this distinction occurred recently during a Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. A member of our group developed a significant blister that was making walking painful and challenging. As she sat down to attend to her foot – a fellow pilgrim - a stranger - from another country stopped to attend to her. He opened his expansive first aid kit, treated her wound, and even massaged her foot before going on his way. Her appreciation for his efforts went so much deeper than casual thanks. In fact, as she shared her experience with the rest of our group it became apparent that – her interaction and her deep gratitude really was a joyful God moment. That experience and her tangible expressions of gratitude – invited joy into her life.

If you have watched the Apple TV show Ted Lasso you know that Coach Lasso ends most of his interactions with others with the words “I appreciate you”. I find myself following this character’s example in my interactions and naming what I’m appreciative of – and that new habit is a joyful one!

As Jesus healed people and shared The Good News, I wonder how gratitude was expressed and in what ways individual joy was increased. I wonder what actively practicing gratitude might look like in each of your lives. Or in our faith communities.

In Faith,
Cn. Lynn Farlin, Member of the Board of Directors
More Than Enough / Mas que suficiente
Annual Pledge Campaign Materials are here!

This year's annual pledge campaign is ready for you! Our theme this year, More Than Enough, focuses our attention on all of the gifts that God gives us. Everything we receive is transformed by our generosity and love and to be used in mission for our churches. All our materials are in English and Spanish, and may be downloaded by members of the TENS network of dioceses and congregations.

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Planned Giving

Did you miss our webinar on October 8 about planned giving and legacy societies? You may download the webinar and the slide deck and learn how planned giving can create sustainable and renewable revenue streams for your ministry.

All Saints is a natural time of the year to remember those whose gifts have built your congregation, who have made ministry possible in your community. As you think of those who have gone to their reward, think also about the legacy they have left in their works, wealth, and wisdom. Use this webinar to reinvigorate or begin your work in planned giving.
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