Share One, Inc. | November 2019
Twelve Contract Renewals for Last Two Quarters of 2019
Share One's management and staff appreciate our latest contract renewals.

1. Best Financial CU , Muskegon, MI
Morgan Rescorla, President/CEO , Assets: $93M - Client since 2014

2. CORE CU , Statesboro, GA
Bob Clampett, President/CEO , Assets: $100M - Client since 2004

3. Bridgeton Onized FCU , Bridgeton, NJ
Tamara Ciccioli, President/CEO , Assets: $36M - Client since 2012

4. Federal Employees West FCU , Los Angeles, CA
Edward Fox, President/CEO , Assets: $11M - Client since 2014

5. JM Associates FCU , Jacksonville, FL
Jim Ryan, President/CEO , Assets: $118M - Client since 2007

6. Desert Valleys FCU , Ridgecrest, CA
Eric Bruen, President/CEO , Assets: $42M - Client since 2015

7. Sequoia FCU , Redwood City, CA
Rochelle Kirchner, President/CEO , Assets: $34M - Client since 2015

8. Healthcare Systems FCU , Falls Church, VA
William Hawkins, President/CEO , Assets: $85M - Client since 2003

9. Cornerstone Community FCU , Lockport, NY
Eric Hepkins, President/CEO , Assets: $440M - Client since 2014

10. Rio Grande FCU , Grand Junction, CO
Valarie Neumeier, President/CEO , Assets: $56M - Client since 2015

11. Ampot FCU , Hamilton, MS
Renelda Goode/Cristina Jones, Co-Managers , Assets: $9M - Client since 2010

12. Buckeye State CU , Akron, OH
Michael Abernathy, President/CEO , Assets: $78M - Client since 2013
Credit Union News
Congratulations Ampot FCU on your 50 year anniversary!
Congratulations Trademark FCU for being named as one of the Best Places to Work in Maine!
2020 CEO Roundtable Discussions - Sign Up Now
Make plans now to attend the 2020 regional CEO/Exec Roundtable Meetings.

West Coast: Thursday, January 23, 2020, Long Beach, CA
East Coast: Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Atlanta, GA
Central: Thursday, February 6, 2020, Louisville, KY

Three face-to-face roundtable meetings bring Share One's CEO, Teri Van Frank and her team together to meet with our client CEO's and executive staff at a convenient regional location. We will discuss the many changes, advances, and strategies for our future and the process in which we serve our clients.

Sign up below. We will offer lunch at each location.

Any questions? Contact Joan Nieman at ext. 1180 or email:
West Coast

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Hosted at CalCom FCU
3748 Bayer Ave.
Long Beach, CA

We have a block of rooms at the Homewood Suites - $209

Contact Joan Nieman to reserve a room.
East Coast

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Ave.
Atlanta, GA

We have a block of rooms $149

Contact the hotel @ (404) 767-9000 for reservations in the Share One block.

Thursday, February 6, 2020


Embassy Suites Louisville E.
9940 Corporate Campus Dr
Louisville, KY

We have a block of rooms $139

Contact the hotel @(502) 426-9191 for reservation is the Share One block.
eCTR and CTR Forms Feature in NewSolutions
The Federal Government accepts only electronic filing for the Financial Crimes Enforcement form (eCTR), therefore the eCTR form type was added to the NewSolutions platform to accommodate this regulation several years ago.

Many Share One client credit unions have changed or reconfigured their event form types to the newer "eCTR" configuration in NewSolutions. However, there are some who have both the eCTR and the CTR event form enabled which is causing the inability to print the CTR forms.

If a credit union wants to continue printing the CTR form, the eCTR form must be removed from the event form configuration. Screenshots are attached HERE for removing eCTR or CTR from your configuration in Enterprise. Please contact Support for further assistance if needed.
Compliance: Courtesy Pay NSF Fees

During the setup process, the credit union responds to questions that govern which transaction links and/or flags are set on each transaction model. The links determine when to use the Current Balance or the Available Balance, and the flags determine when to use an Overdraft option and/or an Overdraw Limit when posting a transaction.  

For most clients, transaction models for ATM/Debit/POS activity charges the courtesy pay fee on the Current Balance. The Batch platform works differently; the courtesy pay fee and/or the NSF fee is based upon the Available Balance.

Bottom line: Does your disclosure match the program settings? Does your disclosure clearly explain which balance is verified before charging a courtesy pay or NSF fee? Does your disclosure include examples?

Share One’s Courtesy Pay – ODP manual is available on the Customer Portal.
Address Change - Your Attention is Required
Please change your records to reflect our new address:

New Address:
1790 Kirby Parkway, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38138

All phone numbers, extensions, and other points of contact are the same.
Release Notes
  • This release includes the Delphi 10 upgrade along with enhancements to Collections, Enterprise, Loan Origination, Reports, Standalone OFAC, Teller and Add-On Products.

  • This release includes enhancements to Suffix Details and Transfers.

  • This release introduces support for the facial recognition feature on Apple devices. With this feature, users are able to authenticate into their mobile banking account by using their iPhone's integrated facial recognition in lieu of a fingerprint reader.
A second major addition with this release is the update for the new Vertifi Image Processing (VIP) Libraries (version 7.5). These new libraries add more utility to rear endorsement validation and allows for customizable instructional graphics.

Educational Services Webinar Schedule
All Webinars are free, recorded, and
available for download on the Portal.

Live Webinars listed below are in Central Standard Time.
Disaster Recovery Test Schedule
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