IPAY deepens connections with Philly circus schools for Twist & Flip
2019 Victor Award winning Gravity & Other Myths tours internationally
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Kindling 2020: Twist & Flip 
IPAY's focus on circus and dance for young audiences starts  at home in Philadelphia
As IPAY began our year-long focus on circus and dance for young audiences this year, we immediately tuned in to the flourishing creative ecosystem of Philadelphia, our home city.  Thanks to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, who has been training young people and adults in the art of circus since 2008,  a new movement of young circus artists and students are thriving.

Founded by Shana Kennedy and Greg Kennedy (an IPAY Member)  in Germantown, t he school's curriculum includes aerial skills, such as  static trapeze corde lisse  or rope, lyra and juggling, unicycling tightwire tumbling Chinese acrobatics , and physical conditioning.  Classes are offered for all ages, ranging from children 18 months and older, to adults of any age. The strong demand for circus education led Shana and Greg to found Circadium School of Contemporary Circus, where students could pursue their higher education right here in Philly.

"With Circadium opening it's door in 2017, the non-profit organization made  Philadelphia  the first city in the US to offer higher education for  circus artists, with a full-time three-year 35-hours-per-week program." - DC Metro Arts

Check out this 2016 article in DC Metro Arts to catch up on the full story of Circadium. 

During Showcase 2019, we were pleased to host students from both Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and Circadium in the audience of juried Showcase circus offerings, A Simple Space (Gravity & Other Myths) and By A Thread (One Fell Swoop).  One Fell Swoop even had the opportunity to exchange directly with Circadium students, rehearsing in their Germantown space, performing a piece for the class, hosting a Q&A afterwards. We're excited to provide our artists, members and local community with more opportunities to engage and cross-pollinate in Philadelphia at Showcase 2020.

Circadium's Aerial Program Department Head, Adam Woolley, has been consulting with IPAY staff on the programming for Kindling: Twist & Flip at Showcase 2020. 

Adam Woolley has been coaching circus for the past ten years, and is proud to be a part o f the Philadelphia Circus Campus family since 2015. He has served as the Safety Committee Chair for the American Circus Educators Association, has coached professionals around the country, and has produced five international circus showcases during his tim e living in NYC. He has worked tirelessly as an advocate for circus arts, presenting at and organizing events for the Smithsonian Institute, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP).

"Because of the real risk involved, circus arts have the power to talk about risky things." Adam speaks with IPAY about how circus arts counteract elitism,  bring people together, and empower us to take bold leaps of faith in our own lives.  He notes that in about 5 years, we can expect a strong rising generation of artists making careers in new circus, predicting a significant spike in available touring works coming from Philadelphia. Its history of experimentation and strong sense of community make Philly a fertile ground for innovative new work and producing models.

The Twist & Flip program will focus on the unique capabilities of circus and dance makers, and will create the opportunity for members and delegates to discuss innovative approaches to engagement, producing, presenting, and touring. 

Stay tuned through the fall for more updates on Kindling 2020: Twist & Flip at Showcase 2020 in Philadelphia, January 21-25, 2020!

2019 Victor Award Winning Gravity & Other Myths of Australia tours internationally!
"Gravity & Other Myths had toured their show, A Simple Space, for six years internationally when we decided to apply for IPAY Showcase. We knew the show was extremely popular with families and felt it would be a big hit for school audiences as well. Their performance at Showcase 2019 has greatly expanded the touring opportunities for A Simple Space in North America and beyond.  Thank you IPAY."

- Jim Weiner, Boat Rocker Entertainment, Agency representing Gravity and Other Myths


Gravity & Other Myths / Australia

Playful, joyous and stunning, A Simple Space sets audiences alight with non-stop feats of unbelievable acrobatic ability and human physicality.  The award-winning and highly talented acrobatics ensemble from Australia, Gravity & Other Myths, has created a crowd-pleasing show,  A Simple Space,  which features seven extraordinary circus performers and a live solo musician playing all original music.
"A total triumph. A riveting show of the most incredible physical feats." - The Guardian, UK
"Be prepared to have your breath taken away."   -Three Weeks, Edinburgh UK

Check out where GOM is touring this season on Boat Rocker's website!

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Showcase 2019 images by Kate Raines
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