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Two Events to Show Your Love for Shelter Dogs!
Hit the Trails and Save Some Tails in 2022
Join us for SSPA's second annual Trails for Tails, an event that truly puts the "fun" in "fundraiser"!

Complete a virtual walk/race of your choosing - from 1 mile to a half marathon - and know you're supporting SSPA's life-saving programs for shelter dogs! Sign up now and complete your race anytime between April 30 and May 14 (results must be uploaded by May 14)!

Every entry gives you a shirt and a finisher's medal, and all proceeds going directly to SSPA. Prizes will be awarded for most amount of money raised, as well as for the fastest times for the 5k, 10k and half marathon distances.

Interested in sponsoring?! We’d love to have your support! Email

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishment by sharing on social media with the hashtag #SSPATrailsForTails and tag us!

Please help us reach our goal of opening our new facility in Sacramento!
Big Day of Giving 2022
Early giving for Big Day of Giving just started!

BDOG is the biggest day of the year for Sacramento-area nonprofit fundraising, and you don’t need to wait till May 5 to show your support!

Hear from SSPA Director Delyse why you should support SSPA's life-saving programs during BDOG 2022!

We depend on your generosity to continue our programs that serve as a safety net and support system for our region's shelter dogs most in need!

We’re a passionate group of staff and volunteers who provide innovative, comprehensive behavioral and rehabilitative programs, foster care and rescue support, adoption retention, communications, and more, which have proved to sustain a high live outcome.

We hope you will give SSPA and shelter dogs an early boost by donating through our portal today!
Making A Difference
This is the face of a dog (Loony girl) who was in jeopardy now knowing she’s headed to safety in a foster home. This is what we mean when we say #FosteringSavesLives. It 100% does, especially with a shelter as overcrowded and under-resourced as Stockton’s!

Sign up to make a world of difference for a dog today; email

Did you know? Stockton shelter takes in 15-20 dogs daily. That’s 15-20 dogs every single day at a small, underfunded shelter.

The staff and team literally work day in, day out racing to save lives - and it’s beyond-exhausting, often heartbreaking work, but it’s also a privilege to help these incredible beings.

Pictured is one of the rare moments of celebration and relief: long-timer and team favorite Loony finally landing safely in a foster home. We all breathed an intense sigh of relief and cracked big smiles … and then got straight back to work to try to get more dogs out and ensure each got a break from their kennel!

And this is where you come in: Whether you foster, adopt, volunteer, donate or share, we need each and every one of you to help save lives!

Fosters: Thank you times a million for being lifesavers!

Adopters: Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to amazing dogs in need and making them family members!

Donors: Thank you so very much for ensuring we can continue to make a difference!

Volunteers: We can’t do this without you! Thank you!

Supporters: Your shares and overall uplifting keep us going and get dogs seen! Thank you!

Learn more about all of the above at

Together, we can have an even greater positive impact!
Happy Tails
Kiara, from a group of young dogs who arrived at Stockton shelter as part of a hoarding case, is already starting to blossom in her new home!

Adopter Melissa sent us the following updates after bringing her home a few days ago:

"Just wanted  to let you know Kiara made it to Sacramento! She is so sweet but scared. Settled into her crate, in our guest room just fine. I can’t wait to help her blossom and I will share her progress."

"She’s become a whole different dog so quickly! Tonight she also had zoomies in the yard. Plus tail wags for all people!!"

“Kiara has continued to make leaps and bounds. She is very smart and eager to please."

Kiara is yet another example of many dogs just needing a safe space and committed family to start flourishing! (She has a few siblings still at the shelter hoping for their own happy new beginnings.)

Thank you so much, Melissa, for taking a chance on this sweet baby girl!

We can't wait to continue to hear about her journey!
Catalina continues to bring so much joy to her family!

How could you not get joy from this precious face?!

Adopters Bekah and Rob provided the following awesome update:

"We continue to be so grateful for our little ball of joy. She adds such sparkle to our day. She is the social butterfly of our neighborhood and looks forward to her daily romp at our neighborhood park. She has made our senior dog act like a puppy again and brought him back from the brink after our sweet 16-year-old dog crossed the rainbow bridge.

"Thank you for your love and care of Catalina (Butterscotch) when she was at the Stockton shelter!"

This fills all of our hearts with so much happiness!

Thank you, Bekah and Rob, for giving this wonderful girl such a great life!
Kyra, formerly Libby, is so loved by her adopter!

Lynda said, "She is such a sweet dog!! Surprisingly mellow for a young dog. She has her little quirks, likes to chew on paper towels and toilet paper. But, that comes with the territory of being a dog owner!

"Down the road I will introduce Kyra to her 'Cousins' (Goldie and Lucy), my two sisters in the Sacramento area have dogs. Goldie (13 years old) misses not seeing Lucy (6 years old) as often as she would like. So, adding Kyra to the family will make it more enjoyable for everyone (people/dogs)!"

Thank you so much, Lynda, for giving this girl such a great life and for your patience and understanding that there's an adjustment period and all dogs have silly quirks!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Adoptable Dogs
These are some of our incredible adoptable dogs who really need out of the shelter!
To view all adoptable dogs, visit or!
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