Two ETs caught passing by the contact circle at Joshua Tree
During the October 2019 expedition at Joshua Tree, there was an unexpected visit caught on camera while the group was on break and away from the circle.
The image (zoomed-in version above and zoomed-out versions below) were taken by a camera setup to automatically – and continuously – take 8-second exposures. This image was captured while a team member was heading back to the circle with their flashlight.
With the chairs back-lit by the team member's flashlight, there are two silhouettes partially blocking the light beam. The shape of one of the ET heads is clearly visible on the right side.
We have noted that there were no expedition team members sitting in the chairs at this time and the chairs are standard, "zero gravity" recliners with no extended head rests or other attachments. Moreover, we have checked the photos taken both before and after this shot and the silhouettes are not present.

CE5 events – whether during Dr. Greer's expeditions, with your friends, or even alone – are an amazing way to initiate contact with ET civilizations. We have countless contact stories spanning the years, from beautiful lights or sounds to visible craft and beings. Very often, ETs are present in spectrums beyond normal perception so using cameras for long-exposure snapshots, as we did, is a great way to see more...