We are excited to announce two new job opportunities on the Fearless Heart Team - Coordination of Fundraising and Development, and a Producer for "Making Life Work". We've provided a summary of each position below with a link to the full job description and instructions on how to apply. Thank you for your interest.

Fundraising and Development

The BayNVC core team is excited to be investing in the functioning and sustainability of our Fearless Heart project by having a dedicated person on staff who would be doing fundraising and development for the Fearless Heart.

We envision the work including supporting existing donor involvement, mostly through the Circle of Support, as well as identifying specific fundable projects and employing a combination of donations (including crowdfunding) and foundation grants to support a variety of potential projects to become realities.

Because this is a brand new position, the ideal candidate is someone who is enough of a visionary and enough of a practical implementer to be able to both create a plan and then implement it at the detail level with limited administrative support. Experience with and passion about NVC are essential to be able to understand, frame, and excite others about the work. In addition, a commitment to collaboration, open communication, and generosity even under stress is essential to making our work the joy we all want it to be. We are committed to a large vision of creating change in the world, and are willingly rolling up our sleeves to do what is needed to do our part in bringing about those changes. We hope to find a candidate that will complement what we already have on the team.

See a full job description here  
Producer for "Making Life Work"

The Fearless Heart team is seeking a candidate to take full ownership of bringing to completion and launching the self-study course that Miki designed.
This will entail everything starting with assessing what's needed for completion all the way to launching the course and maintaining ongoing momentum in marketing and support structures for learners.

While it's extremely difficult to envision because of the nature of a project like this, and because of where we are in the process, we anticipate it taking between six months to a year to get to a launch date for the project.

We have a unique environment that is a laboratory for all that we teach and bring to the world. We apply what we learn in our team to the work that we bring to the world, and what we learn from our clients to our work with each other. This is exhilarating, inspiring, and challenging work that calls us to stretch and grow beyond what is expected and supported by the world's dominant social structures. One core aspect of our work together is significant and ongoing experimentation with collaboration and power sharing. We have also taken steps toward embracing need-based (as distinct from exchange- or market-based) approaches to money, including, more and more, our own salaries.

Note: Although this is not an ongoing offer of employment, we believe that when this project is complete other, similar projects are likely to evolve for potential continued partnership.

See a full job description here

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