January, 2013  

Miguel Jr & SR



As many of you know, my first son, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., belongs to a new generation of artists, Toltecs, that are transforming the way of life of our beloved humanity.

I am so excited to announce that his book, The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World, is available for pre-order.


And now, the publisher of this book would like to extend to you the first two chapters (the foreword and introduction) of this wonderful book ABSOLUTELY FREE.


All they ask is that you "like" them on Facebook. And if you don't have a Facebook account, you may still have the chapters.

In The Five Levels of Attachment, Miguel Jr. will help you gain awareness of how your attachments have created your reality, and how your belief system has been making all the decisions in the story of your life. It will also help you see how you create your identity based on the opinions and judgments of others around you.

He explains how our beliefs become intimately connected to our identity, or who we think we are. This belief of what the truth is in turn creates all our attachments and all our emotional responses.

Here is an excerpt from the book:  


"The challenge I have for you is to change your agreement, to see yourself as a perfect human being, and to realize that there is no object, idea, or knowledge that you need to be complete. You are perfect because you are alive in this present moment, transforming continuously with life. If we can see ourselves as perfect just the way we are because we are alive at this moment, we are free. Our attachments no longer define us. Instead, the knowledge we gather becomes a tool that can help us decide how we want to engage in dreams-the personal and collective."  

-don Miguel Ruiz Jr.


I would invite you to visit the publisher's page to learn more about this wonderful book, and how you can receive a copy signed by Miguel Jr. and myself.

This book is destined to become a classic-one you will surely be reading again and again.


 You have all my love,



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