Daily Volume III (200) |Monday, September 13, 2021
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Our daily Craigslist "Classifinds" provide leads on rides we think you'll find interesting. We are not affiliated in any way with the sale of these rides - we just want to help them find a new home.

All of today's rides feature links to relevant videos!

Click the picture above to read the full article and watch the Avanti Story!
Cloaked Chevy: 1975 Avanti II – $16,000

Why is this 1975 Avanti II continuation car featured as a Malaise Monday post? Simple. It exemplifies how the South Bend, Indiana builders of these made do with the power trains the Big Three were willing to sell them. In 1975, Avanti IIs came equipped with Chevrolet’s 400 cubic inch small block V8 mated to a GM Turbo 400...
Benched Beauty: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix – $21,000

The car that wasn’t supposed to be. The 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix based on the second-generation John Z. DeLorean design. Pontiac originally scheduled an all-new third-generation for a 1972 model year launch to replace the second-generation model launched for 1969. However, a 67-day corporate-wide strike at GM in late 1970 delayed the company’s 1971 “B” and “C” full-size model introductions consequently then set back 1972 model production plans...
Click either picture above to read the full article as well watch a Monte Carlo vs. Grand Prix film!
Click the picture above to read the full article and watch a '74 Scamp commercial that simply would not fly today - nor should it!
Swinger Sibling: 1972 Plymouth Scamp 16.6K Miles – $18,000

We wonder whether this 1972 Plymouth Scamp, with only a reported 16,600 original miles, is the lowest mileage example still in existence. Probably not, and even if someone were to lead us to lower-mileage Scamp, we believe the won we are featuring here would still win the “best detailed” award. With an under-dash-mounted FM converter and Cragar SS wheels appearing...
The Internet and Guys With Rides never forget history. Here are three examples of one of past Malaise Monday features that remain unsold.
NEW! Award 65: 1973 Buick Gran Sport 455 4-Speed – NOW $12,500

August 27, 2021 Update – Achieving the six-month mark of no sale, we just spotted a fresh listing for this ’73 Buick Gran Sport we’ve been tracking since February. After months of stubbornly rationalizing $15,000 for a driver-quality, a non-original motor that smokes, the...
Next Owner Sale: 1973 Ford Grand Torino Sport 429 4V – NOW $18,999

September 8, 2021 Update – Walt, the current caretaker reached out to us about listing his 429-powered Torino in an upcoming auction. Nothing definitive yet, so stay tuned to our auction page for updates to see whether this comes to fruition!
Failed Flip: 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme – NOW $12,500

September 10, 2021 Update – The second seller of this ’73 Cutlass Supreme we’ve been tracking since May just posted a fresh listing for a car they were hoping to make a quick flip on. Unfortunately, with a revised asking price now set at $12,500, their profit margin continues to erode.
GuysWith Auctions: Something For Everyone - Bid Today!
Not only do we have all of the auctions below either currently running or in the queue, but there are also a number of other cars we will have queued up, including a 1970 Hemi Cuda - Stay Tuned!
56K Original Miles: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Bidding ends Wednesday evening on this 56K original mile Lincoln Continental Mark V currently located in Willow Brook, PA. In addition to the ice-cold R12 charged air conditioning system, the original white leather is just as supple and clean as the day it left the factory. This car also features the $1,133 "Carriage Roof" which provides all of the look and maintenance of a convertible top with none of the fun.
29K Miles: 1983 Oldsmobile Toronado

We are preparing the auction listing for this stunning low-mileage Toronado to start Wednesday. We will have all of the pictures and flawless Lemon Squad pre-purchase inspection loaded later this morning.
The most notable feature of this Toronado is that it features the proven and virtually bullet-proof 307 cubic inch Rocket V8. We're also impressed by the car having its original bumper fillers.
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