Dear Friends of the Meadow,

We're excited to celebrate The Meadow's 5 th anniversary of Ministry! We continue to grow and expand in to what God has called The Meadow to become. We are sharpening our focus as we move into the next two years. Nowhere is this truer than our focus on Spiritual Formation. 

I continue to go back to my early days of finding Christ. My friends were hungry and in need of all that God desired for us. We spent our days and nights talking about God, seeking and carrying his message to everyone we knew. Unfortunately, many times in a far too zealous and arrogant way . But, there was a pure desire and desperate search for God!  This is what I want to return to and build in the Meadow community; one that will desire God with this pure hunger.  On September 10th, we will begin SEEDS - a Community of Spiritual Formation at The Meadow. You can read more about this and other events below. Hope to see you there! There really is something for everyone!

Bob Arnold

The Meadow’s Upcoming 2018-2019 Line-Up

SEEDS, A Community of Spiritual Formation at The Meadow
Over the last 4 years we had a two-year Spiritual Development Forum (SDF) that met for 16 workshops and 2 one day retreats.    We are now moving in a new direction with our Spiritual Formation Programs. We found we couldn’t cover all we wanted in Spiritual Formation in two years and many students indicated they wanted and needed more. As a result, we are developing an ongoing Spiritual Formation Community. In these workshops we will teach participants to lay a foundation where deep Spiritual Transformation can occur for a lifetime. The idea is to develop a Spiritual Formation Community that challenges, encourages and supports its members to grow in a deeper love for God and others and to support each other in God’s calling to make a difference in the world. This will begin in Monday evenings in September, to meet twice monthly and continue each month throughout the year.

1 st SEEDS Meeting is Monday Evening
September 10th, 2018
(More Dates to Come)
The Arnolds Home
1933 Shanklin Ave. - Parkville, MD 21234
7 – 9 PM

Enneagram Workshops
We are so excited to again have Beverly Gorman teach The Enneagram Workshops. We sponsor 2 Enneagram workshop programs on a regular basis teaching the spiritual component of the personality types of the Enneagram. This tool helps people to discover their true-self and encounter the real God. We will be starting a new introductory course in September entitled, Introduction to The Enneagram. And for those wanting to dive deeper into the Enneagram, we have Moving Deeper with the Enneagram meeting once a month.

“Since attending many Enneagram classes taught by Bev Gorman, I recognize I am a different person. Learning from her rich understanding of the material as well as her living it’s wisdom, I am regularly challenged to see the “real” me and how I can live in freedom.” - past participant

Introduction to The Enneagram
4 Wednesday Evening Classes
September 19, 26 & October 3, 10, 2018
Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, MD
6:30 – 8:30 PM
Room 170
COST $50
Moving Deeper with The Enneagram
Begins October 1 st
email Bev Gorman for more information
You must have a basic knowledge of the Enneagram
If not, we recommend starting with the Introduction Course

 Mystery & The Great Sadness
One of the most powerful Seminars that the Meadow held last year was The Great Sadness.   The great sadness in our lives can be divorce, sickness, addiction, the death of a close friend or family member, failure, bankruptcy, or loss of employment, to name a few. It is a time when our faith in God is severely tested.  The reality is that for all of us, there will be a time of great sadness in our lives.  

A participant shared this with me , “I am blessed that folks had the opportunity to share their grief with others in a holy, safe and spirit filled atmosphere. As a lay counselor and one who believes; healthy communication is absolutely necessary. When there is pain so deep in one's experience, here (The Meadow) is a safe place where people can go for solace. “

This four-week course featured several people share their intimate stories of a Great Sadness they had lived first hand. Not only did they share their stories, but also how God and the community of others helped them survive these devastating circumstances. It is a time of great hope, comfort, and support, filled with tears, forgiveness, and even laughter. If you know of someone who is experiencing a Great Sadness, let them know about this course.  It will be a great comfort to them. This program is offered once a year but may be expanding to future dates.
4 Sessions - Wednesday Evenings
October 24, 31 & November 7, 14, 2018
Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, MD
7 – 9 PM

Called to Greatness
We sponsor a seminar entitled, Called to Greatness meeting in the Spring of 2019. This seminar helps students who are frustrated with their career choice or are looking for a greater purpose for their lives. It is vital that we take the gifts God has given us and maximize them to expand His Kingdom! We equip participants to have an understanding of their giftedness and write a beginning life-purpose statement. We have had great success with this 4 week course and as a result many have made life-changing career changes. 

Here is a quote I’d like to share from a participant that makes this program so powerful; “I accepted a part-time office manager position with a non-profit. Their mission is to end child sex trafficking. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without you. Thank you! God bless you!”

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Dates on our website

 Prayer Retreat: Conversations with a Friend
Coming in the Spring of 2019, we will host a daylong retreat on prayer. The retreat underlines the value of silence and prayer in our lives.   For those who need a jump-start in their prayer life and for those who have lost their focus in prayer because of their endless asking, this is a breakthrough into a new world of intimacy with God!

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Dates on our website

Like Paul in Acts 20, the purpose of the Meadow remains . . .

“What matters most to me is to finish what God started: the job the Master Jesus gave me of letting everyone I meet know all about this incredibly extravagant generosity of God