SpeyRI Two-Hand Fly Casting Clinic
April 20, 2019 Rhode Island
SpeyRI will be holding a beginner to low intermediate two-hand (Spey 1.0) fly casting clinic on April 20, 2019. The location is yet to be determined, however it will be held in a protected and shallow body of saltwater in Rhode Island. The clinic will be taught by a Certified Casting Instructor and two Certified Master Fly Casting Instructors (one of whom is Certified in Two-Handed fly casting instruction). Each instructor is certified with Fly Fishers International ( https://flyfishersinternational.org/).

The clinic will be limited to ten (10) students and start in the late morning and run approximately 5-6 hours. Lunch will be provided. This will be our third SpeyRI clinic and we fully expect it to sell out. The cost of the clinic is $200.

The casts that will be taught include the Roll, Snap T, Double Spey, Single Spey, and Perry Poke, together with corresponding off-shoulder casts. Additionally students will learn about types of shooting heads, leaders and sink tips as well as a variety of fishing techniques.

Students are encouraged to bring their Spey and Switch two-hand rods, however a supply of Spey rods, reels and various lines will be on-hand. Students will be encouraged to try different rod, shooting line and head combinations.

This clinic is a great opportunity to take a lot of the mystery out of two-hand fly casting, and vastly improve your techniques.

If you are interested in attending or have questions, please contact me at: JamesBarrRI@gmail.com

It is our intention to also hold an Advanced Spey casting class in early September 2019.

Best regards,

Capt. Jim Barr
Craig Buckbee
Master Casting Instructor
Craig is a licensed guide in NY and PA. He enjoys the dichotomy between upstate and city - teaching year round, in NY's Central Park and on Catskill waters. He is a National tournament medal winner with the American Casting Association, and a Pennsylvania Fly Casting champion and is an instructor at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing. Recently he has been spending time abroad, interviewing fish in Argentina, Kiribati and Greenland. Craig is on the HMH Vise Pro team, and on Industry Guide programs of several other fine gear manufacturers.
Jim Barr
Certified Casting Instructor
Jim is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain and owner /operator of the fly fishing and light tackle guide service, Skinny Water Charters
( www.SkinnyWaterChartersRI.com) based in Newport, RI

John Bilotta
Master Casting Instructor
Certified Two-Hand Casting Instructor
John hosts domestic and international trips through his Georgetown Fly Fishing Company
and teaches throughout the year, mentors and examines other instructors, and is an associate editor of The Loop, The Journal of Fly Casting Professionals.

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What You Should Bring
April in Rhode Island (like anywhere in New England) will be cool and windy. You should dress accordingly and bring the following equipment:
  1. Fleece
  2. Wading Jacket
  3. Waders
  4. Eye Protection (sunglasses)
  5. Baseball type hat/ stocking hat
  6. Gloves
  7. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York saltwater fishing license . All of our practice casting will be using yarn flies however in the event an environmental policeman cares to inspect our gear we can avoid any issue. (Also, the school striped bass may be in, so you can stay later after the clinic and use your newly learned skills to catch a bass or two- in which case a license will be required.)
  8. Your two-hand fly rod (Spey and/or Switch), Reel, Line(s)
  9. Assortment of Skagit or Scandi shooting heads if you have them
  10. Camera
Equipment We Will Bring
It's important for you to let us know what you intend on bringing for rods/and lines so that we bring only what is necessary. Our inventory consists of Spey rods in:
Some SK, and SC heads.
All with appropriate Tips & Leaders (yarn). 1/2" PVC practice rods.

Our best, 
Jim, John and Craig