Stop Mohamed Harkat's Deportation to Torture!
Today, December 10th is International Human Rights Day. Ironically, it was also on this day, in 2002, that Mohamed Harkat was arrested. He continues to be persecuted by the Canadian state, and has never been charged with, let alone convicted of a crime, 16 years later. He now faces deportation to torture in Algeria.

Please take two minutes to make a call and send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau to end the illegal and immoral deportation to torture proceedings against Ottawa refugee Mohamed Harkat.

1. Call the PM

Let’s flood the lines to call for an end to Moe Harkat’s deportation and remind Justin Trudeau of his promise to oppose torture!

You can reach the Prime Minister’s office at 613-992-4211.

Here is a suggested message you can use:

"Hello Prime Minister Trudeau. I'm calling about the case of Mohamed Harkat. He is a refugee in Canada facing deportation to torture in Algeria. Mr. Trudeau, you have said no one should ever be tortured. That should be true for Moe, too. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has the power today to allow Moe to stay in Canada. Please speak with Minister Goodale, live up to your word, and make the right decision: let Moe Harkat stay in Canada. Thank you."

If you’re comfortable, please leave your name and where you are calling from to show that we have support from across the country!

2. Send a letter

Once you have made your call, send a letter to your own MP, the PM and federal ministers, asking them to act now. We need all MPs to know that the pressure is on to oppose torture and to keep Moe in Canada.

Thank you!
You have more than two minutes? Fantastic!

3. Sign the petition

Sign Sophie's petition - Moe Harkat's wife - if you haven't already and share it on your social media.

4. Share the action

Forward this email to your contacts, share the Facebook event for this action, invite your friends to it, and tweet your followers to take action!

Thank you once more!
Background: Mohamed Harkat, a United Nations Convention refugee who has lived in Canada for 22 years, faces deportation to Algeria under a highly controversial security certificate. Security certificate hearings take place in secret, which means neither he nor his lawyers have ever been allowed to confront and cross-examine his accusers. If sent back to Algeria, he faces detention, torture and even death. No one should be deported to torture. Ever.