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IN-THE-SPOTLIGHT: Two New Kitchen Knife Kits!

HOCK TOOLS PHOTO ALBUM:  Keep it Simple; Russ Grimm's Smoother & Scrub

SHOUT-OUT: Million and Clark make dazzling kitchen knives for you

Keeping it Simple; Russ Grimm's Smoother & Scrub

The Oak plane above is a 45 degree scrub using a Hock five inch radius blade fitted without a chip breaker. This guy is intended for rough work, and is itself rough...just some blade and file work. 

Woodworker Russ Grimm of
in Anchorage, Alaska sent these pics of these two simple planes he made and uses. Both are fitted with Hock Tools blades and are ready to go when Russ is. It is as simple as that.

The Maple plane above is a 55 degree smoother using Hock blade and chip breaker.  "Since it is a smoothing plane, I made it nice and 'smooth,'" says Russ with a grin.

Thank you, Russ Grimm!
With Richard Wile, Hermie Tolerba, Julio Diaz
We love to receive photos of the tools you make with Hock Tools kits, blades and such. You inspire us and other woodworkers.

Make sure your pics are in focus, have good resolution and aren't too cluttered, then just send them to linda@hocktools.com. Linda selects photos for the album. We look forward to seeing your pics! You'll hear back after you send them. Thanks!
You can see it. 
You can feel it.

The best surface
is produced
by a handplane.

There is nothing like
that satin touch
under your fingertip.

No plug, no noise.
A single woodworker,
A well-tuned handtool,
and the rhythm of work
on a nice piece of wood.
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Ron from Book 
Ron Hock
Great news! We just released two new kitchen knife kits. The Hock Tools 8" slicing/carving and 8" Chef's knife kits are easily built and immensely satisfying projects. Together with our paring knife and 5" chef's knife kits, you can now build a classic (and classy if I do say so myself!) set of exceedingly sharp and durable kitchen knives made of good old-fashioned 01 tool steel. The In-the-Spotlight article below tells all.

Also, we're beginning to think about HandWorks, the biennial woodworking handtool show in Amana, Iowa, taking place this year from May 15 - 16.

Linda and I are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, as well as visiting family in Cedar Rapids. HandWorks is one of those events special to the small, independent woodworking toolmaker; you will not have to contend with any truly big-time corporation and all that built-in-obsolescence. And, even though Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Lee Valley Toolworks are large manufacturers in our world, they are not large corporations in the world, and these businesses make and sell fine, long-lasting products for woodworkers.

So, you won't hear that shoulder hunching scream from power tools at HandWorks. You won't feel pressured by a sales rep who isn't really into woodworking or completely vested in the products they sell. Most often the person on the other side of the booth is the owner of the business or a person whose name you recognize. We will all be holding and demonstrating high quality tools, immersed in shavings and sharing, passing around band aids and good cheer.

I hope you save the dates and join us at HandWorks in Amana. I am becoming even more excited as I write you about it.

In the meantime, if you need anything from Hock Tools, let me know.

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Ron Hock
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I N - T H E - S P O T L I G H T:
The 8 Inchers are Here!
Two New  Kitchen Knife Kits 
Available Now!
Top: In finished form, the new 8" Chef's Knife Kit, #KC800, $70.00
Bottom:  In finished form, the new 
8" Slicing/Carving Knife Kit,
#KS800, $50.00

Link to PDFs 
S H O U T - O U T:
For those with little time,  try Million and Clark. They make Hock Tools kitchen knives for you.
Walnut Chef's Knife, $205.00

As their website says, Million and Clark is the collective effort of husband and wife, sharing a workshop...-- but enough of that. 

Most important to Hock Tools is that Millie and Tobyn McCormick use Hock Tools knife blanks to craft beautiful kitchen knives that are ready to use and already the rage in San Francisco. 

So, if you don't have the time and you could use, or have reason to give the gift of a high quality kitchen knife, check out Million and Clark and get in touch with the McCormicks. 

Yes, it is a story of romance and woodworking; that is true. And, yes these two talented woodworkers are living the life and working the work. 

We couldn't be more proud!
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