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Teach the people's history of the Great Depression and the New Deal
Two U.S. history lessons about economic boom, bust, and recovery under capitalism have just been posted at the Zinn Education Project. Both lessons are by high school teacher Adam Sanchez and were originally published by Rethinking Schools.

What caused the great depression_

A market simulation helps students understand the causes of economic crises so they can better understand what caused the Great Depression ---- and other, more recent, economic crises. This lesson (inspired by Bill Bigelow's Thingamabob Game) takes the standard textbook explanation, with its stock market crash, and delves deeper into the past to teach students about the root causes of economic depressions under capitalism.

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Who Made the New Deal

Students explore how different groups influenced New Deal legislation through an economic conference simulation and primary sources. Students consider whether the New Deal reforms were an instance when the government intervened on the side of poor and working people or, as historian Howard Zinn wrote, were aimed at "giving enough help to the lower classes to keep them from turning a rebellion into a real revolution"? They also look at the racist disparities in the New Deal programs.

Rethinking Schools Summer 2019 Issue
The latest issue of Rethinking Schools is hot off the press and features cover art by Molly Crabapple and invaluable lessons and articles including The Green New Deal and Our Schools; Creating Bias Detectives, Blowing Up Stereotypes, and Writing Essays that Matter; Solar Power Comes to Math Class; Time to Get off the Testing Train; "I Can't Make a Teacher Love My Son:" A Black parent's journey to racial justice organizing; and much more.

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