Two New and Exciting IPOs in BioTech
Offering Details
SWI has identified two new exciting IPOs in BioTech

Los Angeles, CA.  June 22, 2017.  As part of our service to our subscribers, we frequently scrub the New Offerings market for promising IPOS that fit into our investing strategy. Here are two new candidates. To conveniently participate in these IPOs, we have provided you with links to the appropriate locations to download prospectus of the companies and conditions on how to participate in these IPOs via E*Trade.

Dova Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Last Filed Shares     4,062,500

Last Filed Price        $15 - $17

DOVA is a  pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing drug candidates for diseases that are treated by specialist physicians, with an initial focus on addressing thrombocytopenia, a disorder characterized by a low blood platelet count. Our drug candidate, avatrombopag, which we acquired from Eisai, Inc., or Eisai, in March 2016, is an orally administered thrombopoietin receptor agonist, or TPO-RA, that we are developing for the treatment of thrombocytopenia. We have recently completed two identically designed pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials that evaluated avatrombopag for the treatment of thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic liver disease, or CLD, undergoing non-emergent minimally to moderately invasive medical procedures. Avatrombopag met the primary and secondary endpoints in each of these clinical trials with high statistical significance. Based on these results, a new drug application, or NDA, is planned for submission

To access and download the preliminary prospectus for the offering, please visit:

Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

Last Filed Shares     3,7500,000

LAst filed Price        $15 - $17

Aileron is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on developing and commercializing a novel class of therapeutics called stapled peptides. Our lead product candidate, ALRN-6924, targets the tumor suppressor p53 for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers. ALRN-6924, which is currently being tested in multiple clinical trials, reactivates p53-mediated tumor suppression by targeting the two primary p53 suppressor proteins, MDMX and MDM2. Our ongoing clinical trials of ALRN-6924 consist of a Phase 1 trial for the treatment of advanced solid tumors or lymphomas, a Phase 2a trial for the treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma, or PTCL, a Phase 1 trial for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, and advanced myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, as a monotherapy and a Phase 1b trial for the treatment of AML/MDS in combination with cytosine arabinoside, or Ara-C.

To access and download the preliminary prospectus for the offering, please visit:

visit f

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