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 Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a good holiday season.  2014 was a great year at Two Rivers Fly Shop and I want to thank all of my loyal customers for their on-going support.

      We are well into winter steelhead season and prime fly tying season as well as some winter trout opportunities.  The rain situation is a bit strange this year:  too much followed by none.  Some good steelhead days have been reported and the mild temperatures make it a bit more pleasant than usual.  Staying warm and dry and tying flies in anticipation of spring is a good choice too.  Either way, enjoy it and best wishes for 2015!  

Mitch Smith
Two Rivers Fly Shop
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 Upcoming Classes                                   
Fly Tying Classes:
      Beginning fly tying class starts Tuesday January 20, 2015.  This class is one night a week for 4 weeks and starts at 7:00pm at the fly shop.  You need to bring a tying vise and basic tools; we will provide enough hooks and materials for the class as well as some homework tying between classes.  The cost is $65.00.
      Fly Tying II Class starts Thursday January 22, 2015.  One night a week for 4 weeks this class focuses on specific flies, techniques, and or materials.  The students may choose specific patterns to tie for this class.  The class is from 7:00 to 9:00pm at the fly shop.  Materials will be provided for each session.  Bring your own vise, tools, and an assortment of tying threads.  The cost is $60.00.
     Call 541-967-9800 with questions or to sign up.
European Tying Materials
Come see the new materials from Hemingway and Fly Tying Specialties.  Add some realistic features to your caddis, mayflies and stoneflies with Hemingway nymph backs, wings, legs, tails and deer hair dubbing.  Flat lead, dyed peacock quills, Czech nymph hooks and jig hooks from Fly Tying Specialties will help with your Euro-style fly patterns.
Two Rivers Fly Shop is committed to helping people learn and enjoy fly fishing and fly tying.  Thank you to our customers who continue to enjoy and share their fly fishing experiences with us.
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