September 17, 2016 |

Two Special DFW Events: Learn The Safety Mindset 
Texas Law Shield is hosting two upcoming special events in the DFW area about how to improve your Situational Awareness.

Instructor Robert Phillips with Proactive Seminars will discuss why safety is a 24/7/365 mindset. It's not about fear or paranoia, but simply learning and developing the skills that can help you avoid becoming a victim of violent crime. When it comes to your personal safety, an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. 

Topics include:

* Developing a Safety Mindset

* How to Reduce Your "Victim Profile"

* Stereotyping vs Profiling

* How Do Criminal Predators Profile Us?
* Diversifying Your Personal Defense Portfolio

* And much more...

Click the links below to see times and locations for the events and to register. 

As a member of Texas Law Shield, you are eligible to enroll in the optional Bail Bond/Expert Witness coverage that provides you with assistance posting bail in the unfortunate event you are arrested. It will also provide you with an opportunity to have an expert witness suited for your particular incident at trial for just $2.95 per month. To add this protection, call Member Services at 855-478-6607.