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March 2018
Two Telltale Signs that your Wisdom Teeth are Impacted

Deep in the depths of your mouth, where most likely no one besides maybe yourself and your dentist have seen, there is a group of teeth. These teeth are not the same as the other teeth. Some say that with their emergence comes a newly found knowledge of the world. Those who say that don't know what they're talking about. Because in reality, for the most part, they are nothing more than a burden. We're referring, of course, to your wisdom teeth. The third molars of the mouth that for so many people crowd the mouth and cause anywhere from uncomfortable to excruciating amounts of pain.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause more than just discomfort. They can also cause gum disease and disrupt the development of the rest of the teeth in your mouth. They can even cause people to be more susceptible to tooth decay. But the more you know, the better off you'll be. Such is the case with wisdom teeth as much as it is with anything. That's why we're here to inform you on all of the most common signs that your wisdom teeth are impacted, so that you can address . . .

Get Your Kids Screened Before Going Back to College

If you suspect that your child might be suffering from impacted wisdom teeth, give us a call today at (201) 652-7020. It is important to get them to come in for a panorex to evaluate whether they will need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Don't wait until they have left for college and will have to come home for treatment!
For more information about impacted wisdom teeth, contact Pediatric Dental Associates.


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