Two-Time STEM Scholarship Winner 
Interns at Speedway Corporate Offices

Josh Corbin, a senior at Wright State University majoring in computer science had a good couple of years. In 2015 he was awarded our Dayton STEM-Workforce Scholarship. In 2016, Josh won our Renewable Dayton STEM-Workforce Scholarship. That led him to a summer internship at Speedway.

                             Josh Corbin, Doris Adler, Ryan Hensley, IT Manager                    
Speedway's internship program provides Josh and other students a great opportunity to transition from college experience to the 'world of business.' Josh commented, "Working for a great company like Speedway provides valuable experience that you don't learn in college. Working with Ryan Hensley, I'm exposed to PCI credit card training, IT infrastructure, cyber security, data extraction and server repair."

Doris Adler, Executive Director of the Dayton STEM-Workforce Program said, "This is a perfect example of our program connecting talented tech students to local companies like Speedway. They have been a great business partner for our students."
Working together to connect STEM talent to our
community business partners!

September 16, 2016