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January 2017

Want to successfully
 integrate homeopathy into your current or future practice?


NESH will be offering our
8 Weekend Course in the Pacific Northwest starting in early 2018

2017 Clinical Class
for NESH Alumni
Our 25th Anniversary Special Continues: two weekends for the price of one!
April 21-23 & Nov 10-12 in Amherst, Massachusetts

Let us know you are interested and we'll keep you updated on the details.

Paul & I have a beautiful life together. Loving each other, raising three wonderful kids and having work we adore, we know we are truly fortunate.
Early on in our career we were tapped to help with advocacy efforts for the naturopathic profession in the state of Nebraska, where as many of you know, we began our fledgling career. 

In the 31 years since, we have always been involved in one way
Amy and Paul
Drs. Amy & Paul enjoying a few days break after helping get the ND licensure bill over the finish line!
or another with licensure efforts for naturopathic doctors. A few years ago we took the baton from other very capable leaders to head up the effort in Massachusetts. In all, it took over 24 years to get this legislation passed. We will never be able to fully describe the joy we felt on January 11th, 2017 when the Honorable Governor Charlie Baker signed our bill into law. For Paul & I it is a culmination of many years hard work envisioning this result, creating documentation to support the effort, and working to inspire colleagues, grateful patients, members of the business sector, people in natural medicine research and those in the legislative arena to come together in support of this legislation. We know this effort will impact the other 30 states that still need to recognize the important and timely contribution that naturopathic doctors can make to the health care landscape.

Thank you all for your love and support over these many years. May we all be blessed to dream big, work hard, and be able to create community in which to reach our goals, no matter how large or small. 
Love & light, 
Governor Baker Signs Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts - Press Release January 14, 2017 Boston, MA
MA State House
Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a bill that offers licensure to naturopathic doctors (NDs) in Massachusetts. This licensure ensures the safe practice of naturopathic medicine in the Baystate.

A grassroots effort led by thousands of grateful patients helped get this legislation over the finish line. Massachusetts' residents will now be able to safely access ND care locally instead of crossing state lines to seek such care. All New England states, save Rhode Island, have licensed NDs for over 20 years. This law affords people of Massachusetts an option to include well-educated and trained NDs on their health care team for the ND expertise in both preventive care and natural integrative medicine.

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NESH is pleased to offer another  
8 Weekend Course in the Pacific Northwest starting early 2018.

Stay tuned for more details!
Until then,
Enjoy Two Weekend Opportunities  
to learn from 
Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu

Autism Spectrum & Homeopathy: Symptoms Meet Their Match
February 17-19, 2017 in Tampa, Florida  
Drs. Amy Rothenberg & Paul Herscu will be the featured speakers at the Florida Homeopathic Society's 2017 Conference
The incidence of autism is at an all time high and many families with autistic children and adults make their way to the homeopath's office. Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu have treated hundreds of autistic patients since the 1980s and will share a full weekend of insights and experience on this often challenging-to-treat population.
Anxiety & the Stresses of Modern Life  
March 25-26, 2017 in West Yorkshire, England 
Dr. Herscu will teach in association with The Yorkshire Centre of Classical Homoeopathy
During this two day seminar Dr. Herscu will talk about the stresses and strains of modern day life and how homeopathy can bring health & balance to a person's life. He will focus on the treatment of anxiety in all its forms including social anxiety and panic attacks and the effect that stress plays on the health of the individual. Dr. Herscu will also share his thoughts on how the homeopathic community can work with conventional medical practitioners for the benefit of our patients.

See The World: Learning and Reading Program
E-Book by Paul Herscu ND, MPH Dr. Paul Herscu ebook cover
This book offers a new model for understanding children who have trouble processing information. There may be difficulties in reading or math, in conceptualizing and completing a series of steps, in academics in general, in communication, and in social interactions - challenges that put terrific stress on the child and family alike. For many of our patients, homeopathy is an essential piece of the help we offer, but we saw that more work could be done to expedite the learning curve.
This book presents practical, concise exercises for working with such children. These easy-to-learn approaches lead to measurable improvement in your child's ability to understand and process information, to solve problems and learn more effectively. We have been using and refining the approaches in this book in our practice for over two decades and are thrilled to share the technique and make it more widely available.

Available for current NESH Students and Alumni  
The Herscu Module helps practitioners organize, synthesize and analyze patient 
information to apply the Cycles & Segments approach to case taking.  
It is the software that Drs. Amy Rothenberg and Paul Herscu use in the classroom 
 and at their practice to achieve more consistent results with their patients.

This offer is available for a limited time, exclusively through the New England School of Homeopathy for qualified NESH participants and alumni.
Drs. Rothenberg & Herscu are now accepting new
patients via Telemedicine Services such as SKYPE.  

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