Dear Friend, 

Today, April 26, 2020, is a special day for me. Two years ago, on April 26, 2018, I hosted the very first “launch call” for the Cleft of the Rock Foundation,Inc. Team.

What an incredible journey it’s been! We started with just a handful of members, and though small...MIGHTY. Though some of our board members have changed, we are confident that God is at work to help us to continue to grow the foundation. This is what we’ve accomplished TOGETHER:

  • Over 500 volunteers 
  • 5 energetic interns 
  • 9 countries represented
  • 3 fully developed programs 
  • Over 100 active participants
  • 6 annual events 
  • 27 transformational seminars and training sessions attended 
  • ...and the best is yet to come!

We truly are a committed community of mission minded leaders, influencers, and high achievers. The Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. team members seek to touch every institution where parent education is needed and can have an impact, but what really ties us together is a genuine commitment to raising the awareness of the need for parent education and the “Rebuilding of the Village” system, one family at a time. That's our DNA.
Would You Join Us In Celebrating 2 Years of the Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. Team?

If your life has been impacted in any way by the Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc., we’d love to hear from you. 
  • Maybe you’re a subscriber to one of our social media avenues...Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter...
  • Participated in a COP(Conversations On Parenting) or POP (Parenting on Purpose) with me, Danielle, Raquel, or Natacha...
  • Or joined us at one of our spirit or volunteer appreciation karaoke nights, tea party or Friendsgiving events...

If the Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. team has impacted your life in any way, we’d love to hear from you. 

Just go to our  Facebook page here , and either leave a comment or post a short video on how the Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. team has impacted your life.

If you prefer  Instagram or Twitter , share your post with us by using the hashtag #CleftoftheRockFoundation #COTR or #parentingonpurpose

Our team works very hard to provide as much value to you as we can, and I am positive that hearing from you will inspire us.

Pick your favorite platform and share how the Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc. has made an impact on your life … and let’s continue working and growing TOGETHER.

As Founder and President of Cleft of the Rock Foundation, Inc., my charge to you is, “In parenting we must graduate from protecting our children from the world to preparing them for the world!”

We pledge to continue to think strategically about how to address issues that represent gaps between the fine organization we are and the fully excellent, top-tier organization we must aspire to be. 

To even better days ahead,

Latina Newsome
Founder and President