December 15, 2014 
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The week in  brief...

AIM-listed investment group, Blackstar made a splash at the beginning of last week with announcements of two deals.  Firstly, in a move that will lead to a name change and a shift to the big boards on both the Johannesburg and London stock exchanges when the deal closes, it is taking a 22.9% stake in Kagiso Tiso Holdings in a reverse cash and share deal worth R2.06 billion or $180 million.  Blackstar CEO Andrew Bonamour would be the CEO of the newly re-named Tiso Blackstar, with Tiso co-founders David Adomakoh and Nkululeko Sowazi assuming chairmanship roles in the new group.

Already a significant shareholder in South Africa's Times Media Group, Blackstar also made an offer to acquire the remaining 67.5% of the media firm it does not already own for approximately $43 million.  CEO Bonamour fills the role of CEO of TMG also.  Blackstar states it is unlikely to invest any more in TMG itself, but would likely look to use the company's future cashflows to fund investments in higher yielding opportunities for the new Tiso Blackstar.   TMG's board is considering the deal.

In other deal news last week, real estate investment firm RMB Westport is teaming up with Trojan Estates for the $170 million development of the upmarket Royal Gardens Mall in Lagos.  Due to break ground in 2015, the 30,000 square meter retail and entertainment complex will be the largest in Africa once it is completed in 2017.  It'll be situated next door to Royal Garden Estates, a high-end residential development and will appeal to luxury retailers looking to sell their products to Nigeria's rapidly growing and aspirational middle class.  Across the continent, in another high-end property development deal news item, Vantage Capital is committing $10 million in mezzanine debt funding to Uganda-based Simba Properties Investment Company.  Part of the privately-held Simba Group, the developer's portfolio holds a mix of hotel, office and residential properties.  The deal represents Vantage's first deal in Uganda and its twelfth from its second fund, which is now 85% committed.  The fund expects to close its third mezzanine fund at $250 million in early 2015.


As the year draws to a close, the DFI sector was especially active last week, signing off on grant and loan approvals for a number of projects.  In a resurgent Cote d'Ivoire, the Port of Abidjan has agreed terms for an $875 million loan from China Eximbank.  As one of Africa's busier ports, it needs to build a second container terminal and other assets.  Construction will begin in 2015 with an expected completion date in 2021.  Meanwhile, OPIC's board of directors approved $233 million in financing to support the construction of Kenya's 100MW Kipeto Wind Power ProjectGeneral Electric looks set to begin construction on the wind farm in 2015, which will take approximately two years to complete.  And finally, the African Development Bank has granted Zimbabwe $108 million to improve water and electricity supplies in the country.  In hock to the tune of $9 billion to foreign creditors, Zimbabwe still has difficulty raising fresh loans for the infrastructure projects it desperately needs.


Public Investment Corporation, the South African government-owned pension fund with $139 million in assets, made a number of headlines last week.   Firstly, Daniel Matjila, the fund's chief investment officer, was named as the fund's new CEO, with immediate effect, replacing Elias Masilela who resigned unexpectedly in May.  Secondly, one of its portfolio's assets, unlisted cement maker Afrisam Group, sent a merger proposal to larger rival PPC, in a bid to become a significant force in Africa's cement manufacturing landscape.  And thirdly, Reuters reports that PIC is teaming up with SasOil Holdings and Mozambique government-owned IGEPE to explore the feasibility of building $6 billion gas pipeline between the Mozambique and South Africa.


Continuing with the energy theme, we wrap up the week in brief with an interesting piece in The Guardian.  By some estimates, Africa needs $288 billion in energy investment if the goal of providing universal access to electricity by 2030 is to be achieved.  Progress to date has been slow, but a review of the steps taken by Rwanda in energy infrastructure investment and development as part of its Vision 2020 policy gives Africa's governments a potential roadmap.  Here's hoping they take it.


To read more about these and other stories in this active week, please scroll down and review the headlines, abstracts and links. 

Deal News...
Private Equity
Blackstar takes stake in Kagiso Tiso in deal worth $180mln //

Private equity firm Blackstar announced on Monday that is taking a 22.9% interest in Kagiso Tiso Holdings in a reverse cash and stock deal worth R2.06 billion or about $180 million.  The new company created by the merger will be known as Tiso Blackstar which will seek to move its listing to the main boards of the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges once the deal closes. 

Private Equity
RMB Westport backs $170mln retail mall in Nigeria //

Private equity real estate investment management and development firm RMB Westport is teaming up with Trojan Estates to develop the 30,000 square meter high-end Royal Gardens Mall in Lagos.  The funding will be made through RMB Westport's Real Estate Development Fund.  The mall, which will be situated next to the up market residential Royal Gardens Estate, is scheduled to open in 2017.

Private Equity
Blackstar bids for full control of Times Media Group //

Blackstar is offering to acquire the shares it does not already own in South Africa's Times Media Group in a cash and share deal.  According to Bloomberg, the offer values the company at $244 million, although the cash portion of the offer will not exceed R500 million, approximately $43 million, with the balance being settled in new Blackstar shares. While Times Media has "limited scope for future investment" according to Blackstar, its future cashflows may be used for a strategy of investment in more profitable opportunities.

Private Equity
Vantage commits $10mln mezzanine funding for Simba Properties

Vantage Capital has agreed to provide $10 million in mezzanine debt funding to Simba Properties Investment Company, the property investment and development arm of Uganda-based Simba Group.  The deal, which is Vantage's first in Uganda, is the twelfth mezzanine transaction from the firm's second fund, which is now 85% committed.


Private Equity
Amethis takes stake in Cote d'Ivoire's CDCI //

Amethis Finance is joining with Retail Holding to acquire a stake in CDCI, Cote d'Ivoire's second largest  food distribution company.  Terms of the deal were not reported.  The deal links CDCI with another large food distributor in Morocco, Label'Vie, which is owned by Retail Holding.  Having expanded considerably over the last decade, CDCI is looking to benefit from the expected expansion in Cote d'Ivoire's middle class.  

Venture Capital
BP Marsh takes 35% stake in Bastion //

AIM-listed venture capital firm BP Marsh & Partners has invested in South African reinsurance brokerage startup Bastion Reinsurance Brokerage.  BP Marsh is spending $157,000 for a 35% cumulative preferred shareholding, and offering an additional $538,000 in additional loan funding once the deal has closed and certain conditions have been met.

Venture Capital
Zouk Capital co-leads $16mln investment in Off Grid Electric //

UK private equity firm Zouk Capital is joining NASDAQ-listed SolarCity and Vulcan Capital in a $16 million investment round in Tanzanian-based solar startup Off Grid Electric.  The company previously raised $7 million in March this year.  Off Grid plans to expand its installation workforce and improve its hardware and software capabilities in a bid to grow its userbase from 25,000 to 100,000 customers.

RMB Westport teams with Trojan Estates to develop $170 million Royal Gardens Mall in Lagos
Image Credit: RMB Westport            
Fund News...
Angola earmarks $1.6bln for infrastructure fund //
Angola's $5 billion sovereign wealth fund is earmarking $1.6 billion for investments in hotels and infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa as it seeks to diversify its portfolio in the face of declining oil prices.  The fund plans to allocate $500 million to investments in hotels and other greenfield developments, with the remaining $1.1 billion targeted at transport, energy and other infrastructure projects.
China Eximbank loans $875mln for container terminal //
China Eximbank has loaned Cote d'Ivoire around $875 million to build a second container terminal at Abidjan port, one of the busiest in Africa.  Work will begin on the development of the container terminal, the widening of a canal and the construction of a roll on/roll off terminal in 2015 and is expected to take 6 years to complete.
OPIC commits $233mln to Kipeto Wind Power Project //
OPIC's board of directors approved $233 million in financing to support the construction and operation of Kenya's 100MW Kipeto Wind Power Project last week.  General Electric will start to build the wind farm, which is located some 70kms south west of Nairobi, in 2015.
IFC loans IHS $200mln for Etisalat Towers purchase //
A part of IHS's $2.6 billion capital raise in November, the IFC has loaned the tower company $200 million.  The capital will be used to fund part of the acquisition of Etisalat's portfolio of telecom towers in Nigeria.
AfDB grants Zimbabwe $108mln for electricity and water //
Zimbabwe has received a $108 million grant from the African Development Bank to fund improvements in electricity and water supplies in the country.  The country owes foregin creditors $9 billion which limits its ability to access fresh loans to improve its infrastructure assets.
Projects & Portfolio Companies...
PIC teams with IGEPE, SasOil for $6bln pipeline feasibility project //
Public Investment Corporation, the South African government-owned pension fund is teaming up with oil and gas exploration company SacOil Holdings and Mozambican government-owned IGEPE to study the viability of building a $6 billion gas pipeline from Mozambique to South Africa.  
Private Equity
Atlas Mara's BankABC appoints new management //
BankABC's current management team is leaving at the end of 2014 and will be replaced by a team led by Simbarashe Ronald Pfende.  Howard Buttery is also stepping down as Chairman of the group to be replaced, subject to regulatory approval, by Atlas Mara's CEO, John Vitalo.  
Private Equity
PIC's Afrisam proposes PPC merger //
Cement maker Afrisam Group, majority-owned by Public Investment Corporation, has submitted a merger proposal to South Africa's biggest cement maker, PPC, last week. Details of the offer were not reported. PPC,whose stock has slipped in recent months, has said it is considering the proposal.  
Compliance & Regulation...
AVCA forms francophone legal and regulatory committee //

The African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association announced the launch of the newly-formed Francophone Africa Legal and Regulatory Committee on Tuesday last week.  The committee will support AVCA's advocacy for private equity firms in french-speaking Africa, and will help in the development of technical and educational resources to assist its members do business in those regions.


Sectors & Strategies...
Africa's agriculture investment approach needs change //
Morocco's Agriculture Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, believes Africa's governments need to rethink their approach to encouraging investment in agriculture.  Specifically, they need to be more adept at laying out the value proposition for investors.  Under Morocco's "Plan Vert", agricultural productivity has been boosted 40%, a feat which he believes can be replicated by other government's adopting a similar approach.
Low levels of private sector corporate credit hamper Africa's growth //
A guest post in last week's Financial Times by Enko Capital Management's Managing Partner Alain Nkontchou outlining the need for Africa's private sector corporations to take on more debt to finance investment, boost productivity and generate growth to support the expansion of the continent's population.
Oil & Gas
Nigeria needs $113bln to unleash the Oil & Gas industry //
The Nigerian government's privatization arm estimates that the country needs $113 billion in investment over the next six years if it is to "unleash" the country's oil and gas industry.  The government is unable to finance all the requirements for the hydrocarbon, transport and power sectors, so is amending laws and regulations to facilitate private sector investment.
Venture Capital
Silvertree Capital targets Kenyan investments for 2015 //
After a relatively quiet 2014, South African venture capital firm Silvertree Capital is planning to make more investments in 2015.  As the fund seeks to espand its operations, it is looking at Nairobi for opportunities.  To date the company has invested primarily in
e-commerce companies.
Perspectives & Trends...
Perspectives - Infrastructure
Attracting billions needed to fund Africa's energy sector //
Africa needs $288 billion of investment in energy in order to achieve the goal of universal access to electricity by 2030, but, while progress is being made, it is painfully slow. This article takes a look at some of the factors getting in the way of the sector's development and studies the strategies Rwanda has in place for energy infrastructure as part of its Vision 2020 policy.
Perspectives - Private Equity
PE's role funding sustainable development //
At a panel discussion held last week by Imperial College's Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, panelists talked about the role of private equity in funding sustainable development.  This piece summarizes the key elements of the discussion.
Perspectives - Venture Capital
A look at Kenya's Venture Capital Industry //
An interview with Heshan de Silva of venture capital firm DSG venCap discussing the state of play in Kenya's venture capital investment industry.  He gives his view on the opportunities for agriculture and technology investors and what needs to change for people to realize the value in these opportunities.   
Companies, People & Profiles...
Venutres Africa
CEO with immediate effect; Daniel Matjila takes the reins at PIC
Image Credit: Ventures Africa              
People News
Matjila takes up the CEO reins at PIC //

Daniel Matjila, Public Investment Corporation's Chief Investment Officer, was appointed CEO of the government-owned pension fund with immediate effect last week.  His term will last for five years.  


Company News
88 Miles and Microsoft Ventures partner in Nigeria //

Tech giant Microsoft, in partnership with venture capital accelerator 88mph, announced a partnership last week to expand Microsoft's Ventures program into Nigeria.  The goal is to support startups by offering tools, resources, expertise and access to global markets. The move builds on the success of the organizations' partnership in Kenya, which launched in 2013.


Current Job Postings...
Chief Strategy Officer for the African Development Bank 

Based in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire 


Partner, Africa Investments at LeapFrog Investments

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa 


Investment Director for Pan African Investment fund

Based in London, UK 


Director, LeapFrog Labs at LeapFrog Investments

Based in London, UK 


Director, Value Creation at LeapFrog Investments

Based in London, UK 


Junior Private Equity Research Analyst for AVCA 

Based in London, UK 


Head, Institutional Distribution for International Investment Bank

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa 


Associate for Global Private Equity firm

Based in South Africa 


New to AfCD this week
Managing Director for African Private Equity firm

Based in Nairobi, Kenya


Managing Director for African Private Equity firm

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa


Deal Lead for Renewable Energy Investing at Google 

Based in Mountain View, CA, USA


Upcoming Conferences...
2015 SAVCA Annual Private Equity Conference 

Stellenbosch, February 12th to February 13th, 2014 


South African Impact Investing Conference 

Johannesburg, February 16th to February 17th, 2015 


2nd Annual Infrastructure Project Financing Africa 

Cape Town, March 2nd to March 4th, 2015 


Somali Investment Forum 

Nairobi, March 8th to March 10th, 2015 


12th Annual AVCA Conference 

London, April 27th to April 29th, 2015 


Global Private Equity Conference 

Washington, DC, May 11th to May 14th, 2015 


Africa Financial Services Investment Conference 

Brighton, May 12th to May 15th, 2015 


And finally...
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