Hi everybody - Election Day is behind us! As I write this, Joe Biden has just been declared the President-Elect.

And obviously, the drama and rancor of the past few months aren't quite over.

But if you're feeling fatigued, cynical or saddened by the spectacle still unfolding, if you miss a feeling of simple patriotism and optimism about America, I think you'll be inspired by these two new videos... now on Facebook and Youtube.

New enhanced version! On the eve of Election Day, I sang God Bless America, This Land Is Your Land and America The Beautiful, read from the Declaration of Independence, and talked about some of the finest achievements and greatest citizens in America history, including Neil Armstrong, Fannie Lou Hamer, Mark Twain, Louis Armstrong, Lucretia Mott and more. It'll feel good to watch. Promise.
(Oh, and he's also my Dad.)
Introducing a new series of interviews!

This first episode spotlights Professor Sheldon Nahmod, a nationally-renowned, Harvard-educated, first-generation American law professor and lifelong advocate for civil rights. He's taught constitutional law to new Federal judges, argued a case at the Supreme Court, and had a civil rights award named after him. You'll find his life story and legal insights fascinating, fun, inspiring and incredibly timely.
Freedom of speech, the press, religion, and assembly... Voting rights, flag burning, Miranda rights, protection from excessive force, Neo-Nazis, separation of church and state... You name the hot-button issue, Professor Nahmod has written about it, taught about it, and argued it in court. His blog (for both lawyers and non-lawyers) is NahmodLaw.com.
So there you go -- two new video programs to enjoy this weekend, America-themed and uplifting. Seems like the right time.

And this is only the beginning; I'll be putting a LOT of videos on my Youtube channel. Please subscribe!

Also, join me every Monday at 7:00 PM Pacific for my weekly 30-40 minute Musical Monday Night concert LIVE on Facebook. (And coming soon to Youtube.)

Thanks always :-)


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