Two members of the legal tech industry have upped their game 
to assist during the coronavirus crisis

[ Part 1 ]


Alex Hania
Head of Operations

Eric De Grasse
Chief Technology Officer

Gregory Bufithis
ex officio Chairman

(collaborating via Zoom and Slack from Brussels, Belgium 
and Paris, France and Washington, DC)

30 March 2020 - Most of the legal technology community has reacted to this pandemic pretty much true to form: assembling packets of c ollaboration tools and products and posting them on their web sites  and distributing  them to clients, and across  social media. Or still talking about innovation and "technology adoption" and having  virtual industry events to promote it. Pretty much the s ame people on their merry-go-round all spouting the same stuff. 

Every day Jonathan performs a yeoman task: combing through Linkedin, Twitter and various web sites to find material he thinks helpful to the e-discovery and e-disclosure and information governance community.

Of late, he has been at the  top of his game going beyond sharing and work-from-home collaboration tools to highlighting people in the e-discovery and forensics industry who are using their talent and legal tech skills to help us understand various elements of the pandemic. Just a few recent examples from Jonathan:

  • "Covid-19 in London: a borough-by-borough analysis", created by Olimpia Onelli, a forensics analyst at EY. It is an amazing application of using your data analytics talent for creating something useful for your London colleagues. More information here: 
  • CaseLines developed the emergency release of eBridge, tool to help courts maintain services during the COVID-19 crisis. The tool, created in response to the current crisis, is an electronic bridge between the eFiling systems that many courts already have, and the electronic bundle, which courts now need for remote hearings.  The eBridge tool allows courts to move to electronic bundles for hearings using existing filing protocols. More information here: 
  • "Coronavirus as a contractual force majeure event: A simple checklist", developed by Hogan Lovells so whether you're considering a claim, worried about receiving one or busy drafting following the outbreak, a 10-point, jargon-free checklist on what to do. More information here: 
  • Jonathan has collected numerous links to what law firms are doing. Here is just one, from Dentons, who said "As the global COVID-19 public health emergency continues to spread and create challenges for families and businesses worldwide, we wanted to share with you how Dentons is addressing many of the same challenges that our clients may be facing and to offer our assistance, should it be helpful." For more information click here:

Jonathan has lots more. Go to his website  (click here) to read more and sign up for his daily  emails, called "BONG!".


Ron took the opportunity to ask, via Twitter and LinkedIn, for entries for a crowdsourced list of law firm client or public-facing web or mobile app services to help answer COVID-19 related legal issues or streamlined intake. He has put that together on his web site (and he continues to update it) and you can access it by clicking here.

Jonathan and Ron: two outstanding contributors to the legal technology community.

Coming in Part 2: "A Tale of Two Trajectories". Granted, the legal tech industry will be entering a "new normal". A  thread that Martin Nikel (a leading light in this business) started on Linkedin (click here) went viral - 30,000+ have read it so far, and it keeps getting hits. Martin addressed how the coronavirus has had an instant effect on the adoption of technology in law and legal services. A literal "Who's Who" of the legal technology industry climbed on board to provide comments and analysis.

And, yes. This crisis will engender worse issues than how to use legal tech when people realize this isn't ending in a few weeks or even a few months. The deaths have barely started in the U.S. Neither has the economic hardship and desperation. 

And we have not yet to factor in the expected recession. We suspect that there will be a number of "new normals", not just one. To quote the Prophet from a different context:

We suspect that even at this early point we can see the legal technology industry being primarily a "A Tale of Two Trajectories" . More tomorrow.

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