April 12, 2016

Q.  What are the Maryland Green Leadership Awards?

A.  The annual Leadership Awards are presented to Maryland Green Registry members that have demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable practices, measurable results, and continual improvement. Past winners have typically accomplished this by setting annual goals, tracking results, maintaining active green teams and repeating this process year after year.  

Q. Do I have to be a big company to win?

A. No, not at all! The winning combination of active green teams, annual goals, measurement, and commitment to continual improvement applies equally across all organization types and sizes. In fact, several past winners have been organizations with fewer than 20 employees and have provided outstanding examples of employee engagement and commitment.  

Q.   How do I apply?

A.   You’ve already shared information through your member profile so the application asks for brief responses to just two questions regarding your key practices, results and examples of commitment to continuing improvement.  Applications are due April 27 and may be download here:

2016 Leadership Award Application

Feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and to having you join us at the Maryland Green Registry awards and networking event on Tuesday, June 14, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the World Trade Center in Baltimore.  Look for registration information next month. 

Laura Armstrong                                                                                                                                          Maryland Green Registry Coordinator

Be a Mentor/Call a Mentor 
A big thanks to those who answered the call for Maryland Green Registry mentors who are willing to help others along the path to sustainability.  You can add your name to the mentor list at any time, and/or contact the very helpful and qualified individuals on that list.  Please also feel free to call the contact number on any of the Maryland Green Registry member profiles or e-mail green.registry@maryland.gov for member contact information if you wish to learn more about the environmental practices they have in place.
Spring Cleaning
If you're gearing up for spring cleaning, maybe it's time to review some of the cleaning products used at your facility. Look for the Safer Choice label to  find products  with ingredients that are safer for your employees, cleaning staff, community, and environment.

Learn more about  Safer Choice
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