June Newsletter 2019
Two Stolen French Bulldogs Make Their Way Back Home to Arizona

In Jan. 2018 it made national news that five baby French Bulldogs were stolen from one of our stores.
Now... two are back home in Arizona.

If you're interested in adopting either of these loving dogs or know someone who might be, please share this and/or call 602-255-0166 ext. 101 and/or email << marketing@cpipets.com >> Thank you for your help!

It should not surprise you that July 4 is the single day of the year when most household pets go missing owing to fireworks and their terrifying effects on dogs and cats.

Ever wonder what your dog does while home alone?
There are wonderful ways to keep your best friend entertained until you return home.

Discounted Puppies

When our dogs get a bit older in age, we mark them down. And yes, they all sell!

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