September 2017
Dear Provider
We continue to move through the life cycle of our members while focusing on HEDIS and capturing care administratively. This month's webinar will focus on females 21 and older. Challenges that face providers and the health care system will be discussed as well. Thanks for registering for this important webinar.

September 27th a@ 9:00 AM EST
September 28th @ 4:00 PM EST
Please click Here to register.

Please click Here to register

A one hour presentation in our Quality Navigator webinar series for Aetna Better Health providers looking at HEDIS®, preventive care, and health for the whole person.

Topics for discussion:
* Introduction and welcome.
* Why attend this Webinar series?
* What is HEDIS®, who uses it, and what does it measure?
* Challenges facing Providers and the health care system.
* Meeting HEDIS® standards of care.
* Questions from the audience.
* Meet Daisha, Naomi, and Rachel: Hypothetical case studies.
* Point of Contact.
* Wrap up and next month's topic.

Join us and invite your colleagues! Feel free to share this invite within your organization.

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Quality Navigator Team
Aetna Better Health of Ohio