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Summer Camps are about to Happen!


Week 1, Day Camp/VBS. July 2-6
Week 2, Day Camp/VBS. July 9-13
Week 3, Day Camp/VBS. July 16-20

Potter's Wheel 8th/9th Graders. July 30-August 3
Potter's Wheel 6th/7th Graders. August 6-10
Potter's Wheel 4th/5th Graders. August 13-17

Remember, all donations between now and June 30, 2018 will be matched up to $50,000! Scholarships qualify for this matching gift. $125.00 helps send one student to camp.

The first of three weeks of VBS/Day Camp begins on July 2, 2018. We expect 200 or more K-3rd grade students and about 80 local and FON volunteers to help lead the camp. We invite you to pray for the students and leaders. Also, please check the Friends of Nazareth Facebook page for short videos about camp. New videos will be posted daily for VBS/Day Camp and weekly for the Potter's Wheel Camps that run in August.

Some ask each year, "how many salvation decisions did you have?" 

First, every lesson is built upon the tenets of Christianity...everyday in every way in every session. We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! 

Secondly, It is illegal to convert persons under 18 years of age unless one parent is an adherent of the religious group seeking to convert the minor.* Thus, we respect the laws of Israel. We do not publish numbers other than attendance. * A 2010 US State Department report on religious freedom in Israel.

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart" Author Unknown. Our teachers and counselors literally love the kids for and toward Jesus! You share in ministry as a fiscal, missional or praying partner. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and for your gifts! Mail gifts to: Friends of Nazareth, 3482 Keith Bridge Road, #215, Cumming, GA 30041 or donate online.

President's Points
Dr. Roger D. Mardis, President
Summer is Heating Up!

Summer 2019 is now upon us and for Friends of Nazareth these are most important days. There are at least three reasons why. 

ONE- Summer means volunteer groups, ministry opportunities such as VBS/Day Camp at NBS and Potter's Wheel at Baptist Village. 

We have many teams who will be coming to Nazareth to help us with ministry. There will be 100+ volunteers working with 850 campers...this is absolutely amazing. Everything we do at Friends of Nazareth takes a back seat to ministry, it's why we are here and why we do what we do.

TWO- This summer is also about multiplication. What? you ask. I hope you are aware that a gracious donor is giving us a gift of $50,000 that we have to match. That's why I say multiplication for every dollar given between now and  June 30 will be multiplied by 2. As I type these words we are at about 46% of this goal. Will you help us reach this challenge and will you also join us in thanking our Lord for such a generous gift and giver?

THREE- We are also pleased to announce that Friends of Nazareth, in partnership with the IMB, NBS and LBC, is putting 'boots on the ground' in Nazareth. The couple (names withheld) are greatly loved by Friends of Nazareth and by so many people in Nazareth and at the Nazareth Baptist School. There is no couple as suited for this role is this couple. Please pray for them as they begin this transition from their home State in the USA to Nazareth.

Indeed these are hot, busy, and exciting days. Let's make sure we keep the main thing the main thing! 

Dr Roger D. Mardis
President, Friends of Nazareth

Renovation Update

The contractors, the engineers and the architect have each completed their evaluations of the damage caused by the winter rains. The damage was/is substantial. The repairs will be scheduled in priority order and in keeping with the financial resources that become available.

Priority 1. Electrical. All of the electrical in the nearly sixty year old building must be replaced. The electrical was damaged. It is seriously substandard for the current-day usage. This project must be done over the summer for completion when school reopens in the Fall. 

Priority 2.  Play yard in the Kindergarten area. The concrete was compromised and some of the wall is crumbling and affecting the neighbor's patio and yard areas.

The estimated cost for Priorities 1 and 2 is $100,000.

Other Issues. These areas require replacement or serious repairs.
  • The upper patio of the entrance which also provides the porch covering for the entrance.
  • Windows.
  • Awnings.
  • Upper play yard and adjacent boys and girls restrooms. Structural damage to patio floor, walls and awning.
  • Gutters.
  • Extensive plaster repair and painting.
  • Miscellaneous repairs.
The estimated cost for Other Issues is $500,000.
Parents and graduates are expected to help fund some of the repairs; however, their capacity is limited. Friends of Nazareth would like to help with about 70-75% of the estimated expense. This equates to about $420,000 to $450,000. 

Donors with appreciated stock might consider transferring a portion of the appreciated stock to Friends of Nazareth. By faith, we trust God to provide the resources to make the necessary repairs.
Photo Journal

Dr. Jay Strack (center) was met at the Precipice in Nazareth by Najed Azzam, NBS Board Chairman (left) and Botrus Mansour, NBS General Director (right), during Dr. Strack's SLU 401 visit to the Holy Land. Plans are coming together for the first Israel SLU 101. It will be held in partnership with Friends of Nazareth and NBS from September 20-23, 2019.

Friends of Nazareth is very grateful to Highland Baptist Church, Florence, AL, for its generous donation of an office for Dr. Roger Mardis. Dr. Mardis is available to speak in churches or at mission conferences. If you are in the Florence area, he'd love for you to stop by the office. You can contact him at

Botrus Mansour met with a team from Maranatha High School, Pasadena, CA, during their recent visit to Nazareth. The freshly renovated upper courtyard at the Primary School provided an inviting environment for their meeting.

NBS Elementary School students participated in an Arab Language competition. Four of the students received top honors and were awarded First Place certificates. All of the students competed with excellence. 

Pray for the VBS/Day Camp FON team members who will begin travel to the Holy Land on June 26. VBS/Day Camp and Potter's Wheel partners will hail from AL, FL, GA, OK, SC, TN, TX and Taiwan! There will be around 125 foreign volunteers, all who love Jesus and love kids! Exciting times!

Praise Report and Prayer Requests
  • Pray for financial gifts to support the ongoing and growing needs at NBS..
  • Land Update. The total cost for about 3 acres is expected to be $6-7M. NEMA-FON has money in reserve and NBS has been promised some funds; however the total of both funds, is about $1.25 million short of what is needed for good faith negotiations. If you know of people that would like information about cash, legacy or stock donations, please let FON know and we will contact them privately. Email:
  • As we wait for resources, the mission of  Building the Rising Generations - Glorifying Jesus Christ through Distinctive Education and helping NBS enrich and enlarge its capacity for ministry continues. Give thanks that ALL  ministries at NBS are growing spiritually and numerically.
  • Camp Scholarship needs continue.  Our Kids helping Kids campaign continues. FON ensured that the needed scholarships were provided; however, we need to make up some of this money that had to come from general funds. VBS offerings are a great way to engage your church with Friends of Nazareth and the Nazareth Baptist School.  Prayerfully consider encouraging your church or your network to be a partner with Friends of Nazareth.
  • Continue to pray for the emerging partnership between FON-NBS and Student Leadership University (SLU). NBS and FON were unable to find a suitable location in 2018 in Israel due to Sukkot. The launch of SLU will begin in 2019. FON is actively working with the SLU 101 team to make this a premier Christian Leadership Program, the first of its kind in Israel! The dates for 2019 and 2020 will not conflict with Sukkot. Pray for FON, NBS and SLU as we continue to work on the details for a September 20-23, 2019 launch.
  • Pray for the October Bible Enrichment and Ministry Tour. Registration is closed. FON has 28 traveling for this special time of ministry and Bible enrichment. Nine pastors are part of the group. They will be leading worship services in Galilee. Pray for these men as they prepare to share the Gospel and encourage the Believers.
  • Pray for the financial needs of Friends of Nazareth. We depend upon gifts from our friends to support sharing the Good News through Christian education. As our ministry expands, our financial needs increase. The opportunities for ministry are extensive! Thank you for your regular financial support.
We thank God for each of you.
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Nazareth Educational Ministries Association (NEMA), Friends of Nazareth (FON), is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Allowable gifts  are tax deductible to US donors. No goods or services are provided in exchange for the gifts other than the joy of giving to a faith-based organization that supports Christian education in the Holy Land. Note: No goods or services are provided in exchange for a donation. FON reserves the right to withhold up to 5% of designated donations for administration.

Friends of Nazareth (NEMA-FON) is a faith-based ministry. It is totally dependent upon financial partners. 

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