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 2014 Texas
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Interprofesional Collaboration
Collective Impact
November 6-8, 2014  
Wyndham Garden, Austin, TX

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April 17, 2014


A & M Baylor School of Dentistry quietly and informally announced yesterday that the 15 year Dental Public Health Residency Program has been discontinued. 


It is hard to believe that the administration no longer sees the value in educating dentists to specialize in public health as Texas continues to be ranked the highest in the nation of uninsured persons, according to 2010 US Census data.    An infrastructure of dental specialists is needed for legislative policy input, oral health program design and implementation on a population level, emphasizing prevention policies and programs at city, county, and state levels.


Texas used to have a DPH program in all three dental schools, but now only the program at UT San Antonio remains.  According to 2008-2012 American Community Survey 5-year estimates 70.4% of individuals in Texas are below the poverty level. 


Data from the National Health Interview Survey, 2008, shows approximately 45 million persons have no dental coverage and as most of us know a primary indicator of access to dental care in the United States is dental insurance.


Texas workers are less likely to have employment-based health insurance coverage than those in other states. Sixty percent of all companies in the US offer health coverage for their employees.  In 2009, Texas ranked 49th in the nation, with only 50 percent of Texans having employment-based health insurance coverage. - See more at: http://www.texmed.org/uninsured_in_texas/#sthash.kBT8zJZf.dpuf


With these types of statistics looming over Texas and our nation, is this really the time to discontinue a DPH program that will provide the needed specialists that can provide the solutions and programs to help our underserved populations?


The Baylor administration needs to hear from you about the value of DPH programs and that cutting them is not acceptable.  If you are an alumnus of Baylor Dental School, a health care professional or concerned citizen of Texas, please write a letter of support to reinstate the DPH Residency Program to Dean Larry Wolinsky wolinsky@bcd.tamhsc.edu and Dr. Dan Jones, Chair of the Public Health Sciences Department djones@bcd.tamhsc.edu.


Dr. Larry Wolinsky, Dean
TAMU Baylor College of Dentistry
3302 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, TX   75246


Dr. Dan Jones

TAMU Baylor College of Dentistry

Public Health Sciences Department

P.O. Box 660677

Dallas, TX   75266


The time for action is now and your input could make all the difference.

Texas Oral Health Summit
November 6-8, 2014
Wyndham Garden Hotel
Austin, TX

2014 Summit Theme:
Interprofessional Collaboration
 Collective Impact!
Featured Events: 
"Oral Health: State of the State"
Friday Plenary
Specially Designed Symposia on:

 School-based oral health programs

Adult (geriatric) oral health care
Perinatal oral health care
Opening Reception
Poster Presentations 
plus many more continuing education courses to choose from 
Call for speakers, sponsors and poster presentations.  Please see the pdf's below for details.
Registration is Open!
The Linda C. Niessen Geriatric Dentistry Symposium: Real Challenges, Practical Solutions
Proudly presents:  
Dr. Gordon J. Christensen

Friday, May 23, 2014, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Dentistry - Sixth Floor
Oral Health Metric Summit
The Texas Oral Health Metrics Summit, hosted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dental School is scheduled for June 11, 2014
What We Collect 
How We Collect It 
How We Can Use It

Speakers include: 
Dr. Marko Vajucic, PhD
ADA, Sr. VP Health Policy Resource Center 
Dr. Kathy Phipps, DrPH
ASTDD, Data Coordinator

Please contact Dr. David P. Cappelli with questions or interest in attending. cappelli@uthscsa.edu
or 210-567-3186

Visit the redesigned

The American Academy of Pediatrics' Campaign for Dental Health has redesigned their fluoridation website.  

Also visit Texas.ILikeMyTeeth.org for our fluoridation website.


NOHC Registration is Open!!!


National Oral Health Conference
April 28 - 30, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas
The premier national meeting for dental public health!
Preconference Sessions - April 26 & 27, 2014

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TxOHC will be an exhibitor this year at NOHC, so make a point to stop by and register for the daily drawings.  We look forward to seeing you there!
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