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San Marcos at risk of losing cwf


Oral Health Metrics Summit


ADA, CDC and ASTDD award water fluoridation winners at NOHC


Dallas City Council continues community water fluoridation


CDHP releases one-pager


Students beware of Wikipedia


SBDE 4 Rules in Texas Register


2014 Texas Oral Health Summit

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A website dedicated to community water fluoridation in Texas.  Find out your county information here.
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 2014 Texas
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November 6-8, 2014  
Wyndham Garden, Austin, TX

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San Marcos at Risk

 on Losing Fluoridation 

for Their Citizens


May 29, 2014 


On April 14, 2014 the Associated Student Government from the Texas State University in San Marcos passed a resolution stating that Texas State will no longer be a campus fluoridated under the City of San Marcos' water program.  See the complete article below from the University Star.



According to an article written May 21, 2014 by Esther Robards in the Austin Statesman, University 

Officials have not received a copy of the student resolution, but when they do they will review it.

See here for the full article.


Now is the time to write the Texas State University Administration with evidence-based information to aid in their decision to continue using fluoridated city water.  When university administrators are convinced to not use an alternative water source, the San Marcos City Council may be less likely to put fluoridation on their agenda. The next City Council meeting is scheduled for June 3, 2014 and water fluoridation is not listed on the agenda.


We want to discourage a rollback or possible referendum by helping the City Council understand that continuing water fluoridation is in the best interest of their community and the health of their citizens.  The City Council will want to see peer reviewed studies for consideration.  A letter offering to serve as an official resource and stating your organization or association's support of community water fluoridation with links to evidence-based materials along with face to face meetings as their constituent should help considerably. 


Below is a link to a pdf contact list in San Marcos for your convenience.  If you need any talking points or resources, please do not hesitate to contact TxOHC.


Other cities in Texas currently under watch are:

Groves in  Jefferson Co.

Newton in Newton Co.

Burnet in  Burnet Co.

Beaumont in Jefferson Co.


Please be aware of what is going on in your community and let us know of any newspaper articles/blogs/FB postings, or activities at City Council meetings. 


DentaQuest Foundation 
are proud sponsors 
of the
Texas Oral Health Metrics Summit
The Texas Oral Health Metrics Summit, 
hosted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 
is scheduled for June 11, 2014
at the UTHSCSA Dental School 


Discussion Topics: 
What We Collect:  Standardization and reliability of oral health data 
How We Collect It:  Data collection tools and methodology 
How We Can Use It:  Meaningful use of data on programmatic, state, and national levels
Distinguished Speakers Include:
Dr. Marko Vajucic, PhD
ADA, Sr. VP Health Policy Resource Center and
Dr. Kathy Phipps, DrPH
ASTDD, Data Coordinator

Please visit here for registration 
and details.
RSVP via the Contact Us Page 
no later than June 4, 2014

ADA, Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors 

and the CDC Honor Fluoridation Efforts of States, Communities


CHICAGO, May 28, 2014 �
Marking 69 years of community water fluoridation, the American Dental Association (ADA), the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently honored 130 states and communities with 2013 Fluoridation Awards at the National Oral Health Conference at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel...
In addition, the "Tampa Bay Times" and Pinellas County Dental Association, Upper Pinellas County Dental Association and Pinellas County Oral Health Coalition received Fluoridation Merit Awards for their efforts to reinstate fluoridation in Pinellas County, Fla., after county commissioners voted to stop fluoridating in 2011. The "Tampa Bay Times" earned a Pulitzer Prize in 2013 for its pro-fluoridation editorials and the local dental associations and oral health coalition were instrumental in mounting a grassroots effort to bring fluoridated water back to nearly 1 million people in the county.
Visit ADA.org for the complete list of winners
TxOHC congratulates all of these worthy winners!!! 
Dallas City Council Keeps Water Fluoridation for Their Community

May 28, 2014
A potential crisis was averted in Dallas Tuesday when City Council members decided to continue water fluoridation for their community based on overwhelming scientific, evidence-based research provided by national, state and local health organizations, providers and advocates.  
Water fluoridation helps improve the oral health for people of all ages, income levels and racial/ethnic backgrounds. 
Claims that fluoridated water is harmful simply doesn't stand up to the evidence.
Bottom line, fluoridation is a smart health strategy and at a time when more than 100 million Americans lack dental insurance, fluoridation remains the safest and most cost-effective cavity prevention strategy over the lifespan by simply turning on the tap.  

Our many thanks to the Dallas Quality Health Committee, the Dallas Water Utilities, the Dallas City Council, Mr. Rudolph Bush, a reporter/blogger for the Dallas News and the many, many health organizations, associations, and individuals that helped stop this rollback through collaborative efforts.
Job well done, and congratulations Dallas, Texas!!! 

CDHP Fluoridation One-Pager


The Children's Dental Health Project has created a one-pager about water fluoridation that can be shared with stakeholder organizations in your states or communities. This one-pager displays concise excerpts from pro-fluoridation policy statements and/or web content from five high-profile organizations or agencies. These excerpts reflect insights gained from research on effective messaging. CDHP's one-pager can be accessed here.

Students, Patients: 

Beware of Data in Wikipedia 


May 29, 2014  -  Dr. BiCuspid

By Rob Goszkowski, Associate Editor 


Wikipedia is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is used by tens of millions of people each month. But an examination of the 10 most costly medical conditions in the U.S. found that medical students and patients should think twice about relying on Wikipedia entries for information and decision-making. 

Read here for the entire story

State Board of Dental Examiners


Adoption of Four Rules on June 6th 


Texas Register:

1.      Rulemaking action for 22 TAC section 101.3, adopted in the 06/06/2014 issue. Ref: TRD 201402421

2.      Rulemaking action for 22 TAC section 108.8, adopted in the 06/06/2014 issue. Ref: TRD 201402422

3.      Rulemaking action for 22 TAC section 108.12, adopted in the 06/06/2014 issue. Ref: TRD 201402423

4.      Rulemaking action for 22 TAC section 108.14, adopted in the 06/06/2014 issue. Ref: TRD 201402424

Texas Oral Health Summit
November 6-8, 2014
Wyndham Garden Hotel
Austin, TX

2014 Summit Theme:
Interprofessional Collaboration
 Collective Impact!
Featured Events: 
"Oral Health: State of the State"
Friday Plenary
Specially Designed Symposia on:

 School-based oral health programs

Adult (geriatric) and 
Maternal Child oral health care issues
Opening Reception
Poster Presentations 
plus many more continuing education courses to choose from 
Sponsors and Poster 
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Please refer to the pdf's below for additional details.
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