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2015 Texas Legislative Update 


Announcement from St. David's Foundation


Comprehensive Dental Reform Act 2015


Idaho Congressman Introduces Dental Health Bill  


Children's Dental Health Coverage and the ACA 


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*** 2015 Texas Legislative Update  ***

HB1581 - 3/9-Referred to Natural Resources Committee 
Relating to the duty of a water supply system to provide certain information to consumers regarding fluoride in drinking water. 
TxOHC  opposes this bill, see why here.
3/2-Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
HB1940 - 3/17-Referred to Public Health Committee
Relating to the improvement of oral health care access through the regulation of dental hygiene practitioners, dental hygienists, and dentists in this state. 

CSSB571 - 2/23-Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
CS HB1409 - 3/9-Referred to Public Health Committee
Relating to the regulation of the practice of dental hygiene.
3/11 - TDHA received guidance to remove the baccalaureate requirement as all Texas hygienists pass the same National Board Exam and the State Licensing Exam.  B ill sponsors agreed to remove this language and recommend a committee substitution. 

SB1400 - 3/12 Filed
Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.
Includes Dental Hygiene programs that meet specific criteria.  

HB2849 - 3/10 Filed
Relating to the qualifications for a coronal polishing certificate.
Change in statute to include clinical and didactic education in coronal polishing taken in dental schools and dental hygiene schools that are accredited by CODA and the SBDE, but also includes programs offered by a Texas dental industry professional organization approved by the board only.

SB960 - 3/9 Referred to Health & Human Services Committee
HB2330 - 3/4 Filed
Relating to the right of a dentist to contract for certain services.

HB2266 - 3/3 Filed
Relating to the membership of the State Board of Dental Examiners.
Replaces one of the dentists on the SBDE with a dental technician.  

SB150 - 1/27 Referred to Higher Education
HB812 - 2/23 Referred to Higher Education
Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds to fund capital projects at public institutions of higher education; making an appropriation.

SB412 -  2/4 Referred to Business & Commerce
Relating to health care information provided by and notice of facility fees charged by certain freestanding emergency medical care facilities and the availability of mediation.

The 84th Texas Legislative Session began January 13, 2015 and will run through June 1, 2015. 

For a listing of the current dental related bills in the House and Senate, please visit  TxOHC.org/Legislation_TSBDE

To check on a bill's status go to 
and  type in the House or Senate bill number.

How to find out what district you are in and who represents you, type in your zip code here.
St. David's Foundation 
Formally Announces 
Dr. Patrice Coons Kistenmacher's Upcoming Retirement
 Scheduled for Early Fall 2015 

St. David's Foundation is actively recruiting for a new Clinical Director for their SDF Mobile Dental Program. Please feel free to share the job posting among your networks and encourage 
any qualified candidates to forward a cover letter, resume and three professional references to HR Manager, Cara Mueller at  cmueller@stdavidsfoundation.org as soon as possible .

St. David's Foundation Clinical Director Announcement
On behalf of TxOHC, we want to extend our best wishes for a happy retirement to Dr.
Kistenmacher , and convey how much you will be missed.  It has been a pleasure working with you and having you serve on our Board of Directors.   

HR1055 - Has been referred to several different committees. 

This bill covers five main areas aimed at ending the dental crisis in America by expanding coverage, creating new access points, enhancing the workforce, improving education, and funding new research 

Oral Health America's Advocacy Alert

Bill Summary


Idaho Congressman Introduces Dental Health Bill

1/3/2015 - Referred to Subcommittee on Health


Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has co-introduced H.R. 539, the 'Action for Dental Health Act of 2015' alongside Congresswoman Robin Kelly (IL-02).

This legislation will target relatively modest but crucial federal dollars to organizations to provide proven oral health care services in a manner that effectively addresses the barriers to dental care that people often face. Without spending any additional dollars, the bill would have a significant impact on communities that are underserved
"Early diagnosis, intervention and preventive treatments can stop the progress of most oral diseases," said Simpson. "Not only do individuals often suffer from severe pain, but it also adds unnecessary costs to the health care delivery system, costs that could have been minimized or eliminated had the disease been caught in its early stages."
"Regular visits to the dentist do more than keep your smile attractive-they can tell a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be developing a disease like diabetes or if you're at risk for a stroke," said Kelly. "Our bill helps to create healthier communities by breaking down barriers to oral healthcare and will ultimately help reduce unnecessary healthcare costs by minimizing and eliminating dental diseases in their early stages."  

Children's Health Coverage: Medicaid, CHIP and the ACA

Below you will find a link to an article that explains Medicaid, CHIP and the ACA and how they relate to the upcoming Congressional debate over re authorization of CHIP. CHIP authorization expires later this year. It's important for us all to understand the potential losses in coverage that could occur should CHIP not be re authorized. This article does an excellent job of explaining all of this. You may want to share it with others in your agency and in your community.