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Results of 84th Legislature 


San Marcos Files Lawsuit on Antifluoridationists


TSHAC Call for Applications


Texas Oral Health Report Card


TxOHC  is Awarded ADA Grant


Texas Register Notifications 


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2015 Texas Oral Health Summit 

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San Marcos Files Lawsuit on Anti-Fluoride Group and Individual Parties

The City of San Marcos has requested a District Court to review a petition submitted by Communities For Thriving Water - Fluoride Free San Marcos to determine if the petition's form and content complies with the City Charter and state law. The petition, delivered to the City Clerk in April with 1,634 signatures was certified invalid May 5, 2015. The petition is in support of a city charter amendment that states, in part, "The city of San Marcos ... shall not fluoridate the public water supply or accept any fluoridated water for use in the San Marcos water system."

The City of San Marcos filed suit last week questioning the validity of the petition on several grounds.  First, San Marcos amendment petitions must be accompanied by "an oath or affirmation" that each signature is the genuine signature of the person whose name is signed, and that such signatures were placed in the [circulator's] presence." According to City Clerk Jamie Lee Pettijohn,  "None of the petition papers contain an oath or affirmation that each signature was the genuine signature of the person who signed it. Therefore, none of the signatures may be counted."

Another problem outlined by the lawsuit is that b
y the city's count, the petition's proposed charter amendment language encompasses three separate propositions which is in opposition to Texas Local Government Code that states: "[city charter] amendment may not contain more than one subject."  Lastly, is the practical concern that the San Marcos regional water treatment plant is a major hub of non San Marcos water utilities and thus customers who reside outside the corporate limits of San Marcos would have no vote on an issue that "would directly impact their health and their pocketbooks, if adopted."

If the court rules in favor of the defendants and proves the petition valid, the proposed amendment would move forward to be voted on by San Marcos voters.

To learn more, visit the City of San Marcos website, this article from the San Marcos Mercury or read the full contents of the lawsuit here.
TxOHC  is Awarded ADAF
Samuel D. Harris Grant

The American Dental Association recently announced the Texas Oral Health Coalition has been awarded a grant from the ADA Foundation Samuel D. Harris Fund for Children's Dental Health in the amount of $5,000.00.

The coalition thanks our grant writer, Josefine Wolfe, MSPH, RDH, CHES and the TxOHC Maternal Child Oral Health Work Group for their dedication and hard work.

This program is aimed at low-income perinatal women and will address three specific oral health behaviors; oral hygiene, a healthy oral health diet, and dental attendance.  Participants of this program will be given a set of three onesies  for their baby.

Eac h ones ie  will be printed with an oral health message directed at age-specific oral health behaviors; corresponding to the size of th e ones ie  (6 months, 12 months, and 18 months).  Participants will be asked to complete a survey when their child is two years of age to measure the success of the project. 

The TxOHC website has a new page under <Resources> called <Career Center >.   Employers may submit job opportunities and TxOHC wil l advertis e the se  p ositions on our social media network for a small fee of $10/week.  


Love to write and possess a strong desire to share something about oral health with others?
Please consider becoming a guest contributor on   our new blog. 

Periodontal Disease 
is the No. 1 Reason People Lose Teeth
Coalition Board member, Dr. Mac Lee, is our guest contributor for this month's TxOHC Blog.  Read about why adults lose teeth in this blog post and be sure and leave a comment.

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*** Results of Oral Health Related Bills During the 84th Legislature  ***

Legislative session ended June 1, 2015


- Bill died in Calendars 
Relating to the duty of a water supply system to provide certain information to consumers regarding fluoride in drinking water. 
SB787Bill died in Health & Human Services (HHS) Committee
HB1940 - Bill died in Public Health Committee
Relating to the improvement of oral health care access through the regulation of dental hygiene practitioners, dental hygienists, and dentists in this state. 
SB571 - Bill died in HHS Committee 
HB1409 - Bill died in Calendars  
Relating to the regulation of the practice of dental hygiene.
Substitution approved by committee to remove the baccalaureate requirement as all Texas hygienists pass the same National Board Exam and the State Licensing Exam. 
HB3348 - Sent to the Governor 
Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.  
This includes  Dental Hygiene programs that meet specific criteria.  
HB2849 - - Sent to the Governor
Relating to the qualifications for a coronal polishing 
certificate .
SB960 - Bill died in HHS Committee  
HB2330 - Bill died in Public Health Committee 
Relating to the right of a dentist to contract for certain services.

HB2266 - Bill died in Public Health Committee
Relating to the membership of the State Board of Dental Examiners.


HB100 - Sent to the Governor 
SB150 - Co-author authorized and not again placed on intent calendar 
HB812 - Referred to Higher Education
Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds to fund capital projects at public institutions of higher education; making an appropriation.
SB425 - Signed by the Governor 5/28, 
Effective  9-1-15 
Relating to health care information provided by and notice of facility fees charged by certain freestanding emergency medical care facilities and the availability of mediation.
R2Texas School Health Advisory Committee

Call for applications for membership

Deadline: June 26, 2015


The commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requests your assistance in identifying candidates for appointment to the Texas School Health Advisory Committee (TSHAC).  


The purpose of the TSHAC is to provide assistance to the State Health Services Council in establishing a leadership role for DSHS in support for and delivery of coordinated school health programs and school health services.  The responsibilities of the TSHAC are stated in the rules, which have been posted on the TSHAC website 

at  www.dshs.state.tx.us/schoolhealth/shadvise.shtm


Thirteen positions are open to applicants that qualify in the following categories: Parent (3), Registered Nurse (1), School Health Educator (1),  School Physical Educator (1), School Nutritionist (1), School Counselor (1), School Administrator/Superintendent/School board (2) and Agency/Organization (3). These are 4-year terms beginning July 1, 2016.  


Read the Solicitation and Instructions letter and complete the application to apply. For questions, contact Ellen Smith or call 512-776-2140.

R6Texas Report Card

Join TxOHC today and help create viable solutions to improve the oral health of all Texans.

Name of Report Card
Name of Organization
KIDS Count State Rankings KIDS Count Data Center Ranked 43rd (2014)
Nursing Home Report Card Families for Better Care
Grade F
Ranked 51, out of 51 (2014)  
Dental Sealant Report PEW Charitable Trusts Grade D- (2014)
NHQR Quality Measure Snapshot Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 32.47 (out of 100 pts)
Women's Access to Health Care Services National Women's Law Center Grade F
Ranked 40th
Senior Health Ranking America's Health Rankings Ranked 41st (2014)
Overall Health Ranking America's Health Rankings Ranked 31st (2013-2015)
State Health System Performance for Low-Income Populations  The Commonwealth Fund Ranked 38th 
Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance The Commonwealth Fund Ranked 44th
Worst Dental Health States Bloomberg Ranked 13th

Texas Register Notifications


At the May 29, 2015 Board meeting, the Board voted to amend the Disciplinary Matrix to include community service as a possible stipulation. The Board republishes the matrix with this amendment.

This amended matrix is effective immediately upon filing in the Texas Register. It was filed June 12, 2015.


Publication of 1 proposed rule and 1 adopted rule in the 6-19-2015 Texas Register.


Rulemaking  action for 22 TAC section 102.1, proposed in the 06/19/2015 issue. Ref: TRD 201502044 


Rulemaking  action for 22 TAC section 115.2, adopted in the 06/19/2015 issue . Ref: TRD 201502043  

May 29, 2015, the TSBDE adopted revised Rule 115.2 which allows hygienists to use lasers for non-diagnostic purposes under direct supervision of a dentist and after taking 12 hours of continuing education in laser utilization specific to the procedures performed by a hygienist.  Three of the 12 hours must be clinical simulation laser training similar to the procedures that the hygienist will perform.  The Rule also requires that the supervising dentist must meet at least the continuing education requirements required of the hygienist.


for   the 2015 
Texas Oral Health Summit

November 5-7, 2015

R52015 Texas Oral Health Summit
"Strengthening the Network"

The Texas Oral Health Coalition (TxOHC) is excited to bring nationally acclaimed speakers from across the nation to present during the 2015 Texas Oral Health Summit at the Omni Colonnade in San Antonio, TX.

Join us November 5-7, 2015 and learn how to incorporate oral health education and prevention into primary care and integrate oral health curricula in primary care health education programs.  Attendees will also l earn how to utilize teledentistry  to increase access to care, achieve sustainable behavior change through motivational interviewing, plus lots, lots more.
Make plans today to attend this premier public health education event that promises a variety of educational sessions, expert speakers and plenty of networking opportunities. 

To view summit details that include; topics, speakers, objectives, summit schedule, registration and hotel information, please visit our website program page.

Online registration will open September 1st., so please save the date Nov. 5-7, 2015 until then.

Poster Presentations:
In our efforts to increase participation for our Poster Presentations event presenters do not have to be registered for the summit.  Please read the Poster Presentation Guidelines and   Application  for complete details and  send in your application soon to secure your place and an opportunity to win a monetary award.  

Opening Reception:
Relax and unwind with colleagues during this fun-filled opening reception scheduled for  Thursday, November 5, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  A new twist for this year is that attendees may be registered for any one of the three summit day(s) and attend the opening reception Thursday evening.  

Avoid rush hour traffic and enjoy light hors d' oeuvres while visiting with friends and exhibitors.  Pick up an extra 1.0 CEU and learn about presenters' scientific research, community-based programs or projects in Texas.  And don't forget to bid on those "must have" items in our silent auction.  Money raised during this event go to support the infrastructure of our valuable coalition.  
Silent Auction Donations:
Please consider donating an item and join the fun 
to help raise money for TxOHC.
Donate something you would enjoy or reach out to a local company for a donation to help promote their brand.  Donating products or services are a nice way to share the brands you like with other health providers, while supporting the Texas Oral Health Coalition, Inc., our favorite 501c3 nonprofit.
Please complete the donation form and submit to Beth Stewart  by October 5, 2015.